Fill out the form to download the document. Miniature slip ring capsule assemblies economically address both critical space and weight limitations. Historically, Aerodyn have provided the greatest support to the aerospace industry with all manner of capabilities. © 2020 Moog Inc.   |   Privacy Policy   |   All rights reserved. Home. Click here to browse our Slip Ring Catalog. You must agree to allow Moog to contact you by email. High Speed Slip Rings can deliver high power and generate low noise for ultimate data transfers at speeds up to 20 000 rpm. You may withdraw consent and your personal data shall be deleted. The slips rings typically used in aerospace are the high sky type slip rings. Slip ring assemblies were constructed of gold- or silver-plated rings and wire wipers lubricated with the same fluid lubricants used in the bearings of the despin mechanical assemblies. Historically, slip rings were initially intended for use in blade de-ice and tip-light applications where electrical power was required for the main and tail rotor blades. Contact us with your requirements so we can help you find a solution. Signal requirements for a rotorcraft slip ring capsule continues to be increasingly demanding, particularly with the advent of tiltrotor aircraft, electro-optics and target acquisition systems. © 2020 Moog Inc.   |   Privacy Policy   |   All rights reserved. Each assembly includes the rotor, brush blocks, frame, ball bearings and dust cover. Even the most basic brush-and-ring slip rings transmit power — but the selection of brush type is critical. In each of these systems, slip rings … Advanced aircraft now carry infrared and electro-optic sensors, target acquisition systems and weapon stations requiring unrestrained rotation. The circuit functions and electrical isolation requirements have a significant impact on the design of the slip ring. Otherwise, Moog shall retain your personal data for one year. Slip rings are known to enhance mechanical efficiency, streamline system functionality, and remove vulnerable wires hanging from rotating joints. Slip rings, also called rotary elec­trical inter­faces, rotat­ing … Moog can offer the most valuable design assistance by being involved early in the development of the aircraft and related subsystems. Moog has a long history of supplying slip ring and motion technology (motors, resolvers, fiber optic and subsystem) products to the rotorcraft industry. Space. For spiral retaining rings, spring steel (SAE 1070-1090) and AISI 302 stainless steel materials are usually requested for the aerospace industry. DSTI electrical slip rings deliver high quality and reliable performance for signal and power rotary transmission. Moog values your privacy, therefore, it will only collect the minimum amount of personal data needed to achieve the result that you request and to which you affirmatively consent. We can offer the following design criteria: Theoretically, there is no limit to the amount of power that can be transferred by the slip ring assembly. Moog's slip rings have been successfully performing in aerospace and defense applications for over 60 years. Note: Transmission of power also requires consideration of the voltage drop across the slip ring … Parameters that dictate the most suitable choice include current, rpm, and temperature. Employing a combination of precious metal fiber and composite brush technology for signal and power transfer, we are qualified to meet the most demanding applications effectively and economically. Typical applications include FLIR systems, blade de-ice, target acquisition systems, tank turrets and manned / unmanned vehicles. CH900 is the preferred stainless steel for wave … Fiber optic,high frequency+electric slip ring. In addition to producing compact, light weight and highly reliable slip rings, we have provided units that combine conventional electrical slip rings with resolvers, encoders, fiber optic rotary joints and other commodities. These slip rings control the transmission of both the signals and power currents among the stationary and rotating parts of the slip rings. Historically, slip rings were initially intended for use in blade de-ice and tip-light applications where electrical power was required for the main and tail rotor blades. High-end and technologically advanced slip rings are used in large-scale wind turbines, in multi-megawatt systems that require higher power transmission. A slip ring is a mechanism used to connect a stationary system to a rotating system. RUAG develops valuable innovations and internationally sought-after cutting-edge technology in the fields of aerospace and defence. However, extreme … Aerospace Military Slip Ring Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, With a wide range, top quality, realistic costs and good company, we are going to be your most effective company partner. Both standard and custom product solutions are applied in industrial, commercial, medical, marine, aerospace and defense applications. They offer a fit function design with rotor, brush block, bearing and casing, an easy … Most rotorcraft de-ice slip rings carry less than 100 amperes of current. MOFLON has been manufacturing and supplying slip rings and rotary unions to companies, contractors, and other end-users for more than 30 years now. Instrumentation High Speed Slip Ring High Speed Slip Rings provide high … Such requirements can be much better addressed early in the design stages. Products & Services. Rotorcraft applications pose a variety of design challenges. After consulting other companies about the slip ring … If the space available for the slip ring capsule is limited, it may be advantageous to transfer the power at higher voltages. High vibration, harsh environments and high reliability demands products from a proven supplier. A typical vehicle might contain slip rings in the turret, the commander station and the infrared sight. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that … Slip Rings for Space, Defence, Industry. Space. You must agree to allow Moog to contact you by phone. These products are developed for rugged environments and demanding requirements. Today, with the advent of tilt-rotor aircraft, slip rings are transmitting flight control and blade position data. 17-7PH Cond. A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. Products & Services. Moog values your privacy, therefore, it will only collect the minimum amount of personal data needed to achieve the result that you request and to which you affirmatively consent. We offer standard electrical slip ring … A slip ring is a rotary coupling used to transfer electric current from a stationary unit to a rotating unit. As a leading designer and manufacturer of slip rings, our solutions are applicable even in demanding applications, like commercial, industrial, aerospace… Power can be grounded either through the case of the slip ring or insulated from the case. Antennas. Fill out the form to download the document. *By clicking download, you are giving Moog permission to contact you by phone and/or email. It is often important that sensitive circuits have additional isolation from other circuits and impedance matching for high bandwidth. Commercial Off-The-Shelf Slip Rings Data Sheet, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Market Brochure. Electrical slip rings are used in vehicles such as tanks, retrievers, light armored vehicles, mobile missile launchers, and armored personnel carriers. An error has occured, please try again later. Electrical slip rings are used in helicopter, tiltrotor and rotorcraft applications for a variety of applications. Over 40 multi-ring assemblies have been flown and continuous operating lifetimes greater than 8 years at up to 60 rpm have been demonstrated. As a result, slip rings (and our related motion technology components) play a much broader and important role. As the world’s leading slip ring manufacturer, Moog offers more than 10,000 slip ring … ByTune slip rings are widely applied in the diverse machinery rotating system, the most typical device includes the wind turbine, excavator, crane, robotic arm, aerospace device, and so on. From aerospace precision testing platforms to mobile missile launchers, UAV camera systems to Forward-Looking-Infra-Red systems, helicopters to armed command vehicles, slip rings have been … *By clicking download, you are giving Moog permission to contact you by phone and/or email. Electronics. Ball Aerospace experience with slip rings in space extends back to 1962. MOOG - Moog's Components Group provides innovative design and manufacturing capabilities in motion, electronics and fiber optics. Thus, airline passengers are able to … Slip rings are also known as electrical swivels, rotary electrical joint, or revolving electrical connector. The companies featured in the following listing offer a comprehensive range of Slip Rings: High Speed, as well as a variety of related … You only need to complete the form once to access Moog documents. Slip rings … The terms of use of this website are governed by the Moog Cookie and Privacy Policy and the Employee Data Privacy Policy. Let us put our experience to work for your next rotorcraft application. Cobham Electrical and Electronic Equipment slip rings have been performing successfully in the field of aerospace for over 50 years. Top entertainment above the clouds: Our slip ring can also be found on board passenger aircraft and make the so-called in-flight entertainment, in short IFE, possible. You must agree to allow Moog to contact you by phone. Aerospace - Defense Electro-Optic Systems Helicopter Slip Rings Miniature Slip Ring Capsules Propeller Slip Rings Vehicular Slip Rings MOFLON is the leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical slip rings for aerospace … Our many years of experience in this arena has allowed Moog to be a leader in slip ring technology for rotorcraft applications. We … Today, with the advent of tilt-rotor aircraft, slip rings … Today’s rotorcraft applications place unique demands on slip ring technology because of equipment requirements and environmental conditions. Slip Rings … Our selection of standard (ready-to-ship) slip ring product lines provides options to fit … While a de-ice system has few signal requirements, tiltrotor aircraft require flight control circuitry and electro-optic sensors often requiring high-bandwidth video, analog and digital control circuitry. Reliability and data integrity has never been more important. You must agree to allow Moog to contact you by email. Our slip ring products are used across a wide range of industries including factory automation, heavy equipment, machine tool, packaging, medical, oil and gas, defense, and aerospace. 2. It is important that the power duty cycle be defined as early as possible in the design stage. Welcome to the premier industrial source for Slip Rings: High Speed. Helicopter Slip Rings for Military Applications Cobham Aerospace Communications designs, manufactures and qualifies slip rings for light, medium and heavy helicopters... 19 September … Electronics. Slip-Ring Collector Tester A slip ring (in elec­trical engin­eer­ing terms) is a method of making an elec­trical connec­tion through a rotat­ing assembly. Capsule Slip Rings are used for electrical power transmission and data transfer between a stationary and a rotating part. Multiple contact technologies suited for the application, Vertical integration of position sensors and ancillary products, Clear through-bore to allow for another device or bearing structure, Connectors – case mounted or attached to cables, Mechanical support – on either side of the rotating interface including the stand pipe.