One natural resource for the state of Alaska is the oil and gas reserves. ADF&G works with multiple divisions at DNR during the review of land use plans and activities, as described below. Financial assistance available to Alaska private landowners for conservation projects; USDA extends deadline to Nov. 30 for RCPP proposals, clarifies forestry eligibility ... A list of Web-based resources for access to natural resource data collected by NRCS. North Hub Office District Conservationist: Joanne Kuykendall USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service Department of Natural Resources 550 W. 7th Ave, Suite 1260, Anchorage, AK 99501-3557 Phone: 907-269-8400 Fax: 907-269-8901 TTY: 907-269-8411 11 Its many rivers offer some of the highest hydroelectric power potential in the nation. Natural Resources. Alaska Hub Offices. Alaska State Office. Natural Resource Conservation & Development Board. Información de NRCS en español. En Español. Department of Natural Resources. State Conservationist: Alan D. McBee USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service 800 East Palmer-Wasilla Highway, Suite 100 Palmer, AK 99645 Phone: (907) 761-7776 Fax: (907) 761-7790. Susan Butcher, 1954 - 2006, sled dog racer. 12 Large swaths of the Alaskan coastline offer significant wind energy potential, and the state's many volcanic fields offer geothermal potential. The Natural Resource Conservation and Development Board (NRCDB) serves as an advisory board to the DNR Commissioner and Alaska’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts on matters relating to conservation and development of the state’s non-game natural resources. The beautiful scenery, national parks, and wildlife are Alaska's main natural resources and tourist attractions. Provides in-depth analysis of the state’s oil and gas resources including evaluation of producing reservoirs and more qualitative appraisal of undiscovered resource potential in all regions throughout Alaska. Alaska has other substantial energy resources. The Department of Natural Resources & Environment provides programs in education, research and outreach that address the science and management of the natural resources and agriculture of Alaska and the circumpolar North. Alaska Natural Heritage Program (AKNHP) is integrated within the Alaska Center for Conservation Science (ACCS). Famous Alaskans. Major Rivers: Yukon River, Kuskokwim River, Colville River, Copper River. The state's recoverable coal reserves rank 14th among the coal-producing states. Alaska is a state of extraordinary beauty with a wealth of natural and cultural resources. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources indicates that wood availability in the Ahtna region is high and is comprised of Open Spruce and Closed Mixed Forest including white and black spruce, paper birch, balsam poplar and quaking aspen. Our programs allow students to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in natural resources management. The Department of Natural Resource’s (DNR) mission is to develop, conserve, and enhance natural resources for present and future Alaskans. Alaska’s natural attractions and resources are without a doubt one of the top draws of visitors to this unique destination.Once you have experienced the aurora borealis (northern lights), stayed up all night without even meaning to under Alaska’s midnight sun, or listened to a glacier crash into the ocean…you’ll completely understand what sets Alaska apart from most other places. Because of its strategic location, the Army has maintained a presence in Alaska since 1867. The land managed by Fort Wainwright comprises almost 10 percent of the total training land available to the Army. One more natural resource in the state is forestry products. Resource Evaluation Team.