15th Ave S & S Dakota St (Greater Duwamish) Seattle, Washington 98108. This seven-acre plot along the The Beacon Food Forest is in north Beacon Hill, on the west side of Jefferson Park, a short walk from the VA hospital. A decade later, the Beacon Food Forest is evolving. Just ask the community of Beacon Hill, a neighborhood in southeast Seattle. Forest Type All forest types (natural and planted) Breaking away from a traditional community garden model with separate beds tended by individuals, gardeners at the Beacon Food Forest are combining their efforts to create the nation’s largest edible forest based on permaculture ideas. Beacon Food Forest – vegetables in the shadow of the Seattle skyline. The Beacon Food Forest is a place where all ages and ethnicities can meet." Eventually, garden plots in the forest will be available to lease to gardeners for $10 a year. Good news! The Beacon Food Forest is the first public, edible permaculture garden of its size. We found an oasis of food free to anyone. 123 notes. By the design of the project, and as the area is on public land, food in the edible forest section of the project will be available freely to those visiting the park. Yet this is no ordinary Pacific Northwest forest of cedar, spruce, pine, and fir. The project has drawn national attention for one simple reason: much of this natural bounty is free to harvest for anyone. Categories. The Beacon Food Forest started in 2009 as a final design project for a Permaculture design course. Growing food for the benefit of all species, regenerating public land, fostering community. Over the past year, volunteers have been clearing grass next to a city park and planting all manner of fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, and vegetables for the Beacon Food Forest. The Beacon Food Forest aims to “provide food free to the people, by the people, and for the people” Four or five years ago I came across something amazing on the internet – news of a public edible garden project in my home city of Seattle. Jump to navigation Jump to search. There were golden raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, fruit trees and vegetables of all kinds. The following is the text of a presentation from the early proposal/planning stage of the Beacon Food Forest, then called "Jefferson Park Food Forest". The Beacon Food Forest itself is located at 16th Ave S / S Dakota Street, on the slope below Jefferson Park. The Beacon Food Forest is located on Beacon Hill in Seattle, Washington. At 7 acres, the Beacon Food Forest Permaculture Project is the largest public food forest in the nation, and includes fruit and nut trees, berry shrubs, community garden, gathering plaza, and kids' area. I made the following changes: Care for the Earth, Care for People, Fair Share beaconfoodforest.org Beacon Food Forest presentation. The Beacon food forest has a mason bee home: it's got holes drilled in wood (which you don't want to have) but they have paper straws in the holes, so that makes it better. In Beacon Hill in Seattle, the neighborhood community has come together to build an urban food forest on seven acres of public land to grow their own organic food. This can serve as an … Region Americas. There is a bus stop on 15th Ave and limited public parking on S Dakota St. Also use the public parking lot by Jefferson Park, on Beacon Ave S. Public food forest and community garden. On the street of South Dakota Street To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (206) 684-0264. My boyfriend and I stopped on our way from the airport to the city to check it out. Open for harvest 24/7. The Beacon Food Forest celebrates growing food for the benefit of all species, providing educational opportunities, fostering and serving a diverse community, improving public health by regenerating public land, reducing agricultural climate impact, and improving local food security. Blog. jillianparker12. The idea stemmed from a final project for a permaculture design course that Cramer took with her friends. 13K likes. Like Beacon, the intention is for the Fair-Amount Food Forest to be a primarily volunteer-run project, with the hope of hiring program staff down the line. In this video I walked around with a camera in the Beacon Food Forest. And THIS is why I love living in Seattle. Biome Temperate. Beacon Food Forest is a 7-acre food forest in development adjacent to Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill in Seattle, Washington in the vicinity of 15th Ave South and South Dakota. I have just modified 4 external links on Beacon Food Forest. I wanted to rebrand and create a campaign to raise awareness and increase community engagement. Publisher Siemens. Video conferencing best practices: Tips to make meeting online even better; Oct. 8, 2020. The Beacon Food Forest Beacon Food Forest. Upcoming Events . I'll never be hungry again! Share. It takes a village to build a forest. During the course, the co-founders chose the Jefferson Park site and with community support, the City awarded grants to start the project. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. The following is the text from the early proposal/planning stage of the Beacon Food Forest, then called "Jefferson Park Food Forest".This can serve as an example for others wishing to do similar projects. The Beacon Food Forest is actually quite large for a community garden... but during my hikes through the area I wish it was bigger... it was a refreshing hike and change of scenery. #food #food forest #seattle #beacon food forest #urban planning. fastcompany. You can get more information from their website. Planning for the food forest began in 2009, and its 1.75 acres now contain a nut grove, berry patch, and medicinal herb garden (“Beacon Food Forest”). The Beacon Hill Food Forest [Photo: Chetanya Robinson] Its final form will be 7 acres of mostly permanent crops — a huge variety of nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicines. Included on the menu is: plums, apples, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, kale, and chard! The site chosen is a 7-acre area which is currently all grass, on the western terraced slopes of what was thought to be Jefferson Park but in reality is owned by Seattle Public Utilities. Beacon Food Forest, Seattle. Currently, the Beacon Food Forest consists of four key sections. The food forest was founded on the principles of permaculture, a gardening philosophy that mirrors nature. From Appropedia. Founded in 2009, the Beacon Food Forest is a two-acre area of public land in Seattle that was transformed with edible plants. fastcoexist.com. A public food forest is taking root in Seattle. 190 notes. Community garden-like venue that offers workshops and classes in herbal practices, cooking, gardening, and more. Located in Southeast Seattle, Beacon Hill is a culturally diverse neighborhood that’s uniting behind a horticultural experiment. Beacon Food Forest is a community food forest in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Please take a moment to review my edit. Also, they have chicken wire in front to keep woodpeckers away from the hibernating bees. Type of Case Video or audio. Outdoors. Beacon Food Forest is located in King County of Washington state. Beacon Hill Food Forest is a community run urban forest garden. Tips to keep in mind for World Mental Health Day All urban centers should have these food forests throughout. The Fair-Amount Food Forest found collaboration in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood and aims to increase food equity and access in an area that could be considered a food desert. The Beacon Food Forest began in 2009 as a final project for a permaculture design course that co-founders Jacqueline Cramer and Glenn Herlihy were taking. Seattle's Beacon Food Forest Breaks New Ground in Community Building and Local Food Production Posted: 05-21-2013 2:31 pm by A. S. Hipple On a hillside just two and a half miles from downtown Seattle, a forest is taking root. Oct. 14, 2020. “A food forest is a gardening technique or land management system, which mimics a woodland ecosystem by substituting edible trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals,” writes Beacon Food Forest… My friend Ross and his friend Brad (aka Kenji) introduced me to the Beacon Hill Food Forest (“BFF”), a garden two years in the making on the slopes behind Jefferson Park. Beacon Food Forest A multi-acre open harvest permaculture food forest in Seattle growing food, community & abundance. #Ace Hotel #Seattle #Washington #SEA #Beacon Food Forest #Food #Beacon Hill #Community #yes. The Beacon Food Forest is a community gathering space overflowing with yummy, organic perennial plants in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, about 2.5 miles south of downtown.