Bake in middle of oven until doughnuts spring back when touched and are golden on bottom (about 8 minutes). Because donuts are breakfast food. Ingredients || Donuts || 1/2 cup butter, melted. Nutmeg and vanilla extract add that classic cake donut flavor, while buttermilk provides a tangy note … Topped with cookies. Cinnamon Buttermilk Baked Doughnuts have become a regular feature for our entertaining menus for the holidays or any time. I’ve used whole wheat flour to add whole grain goodness to this recipe. The donuts by themselves are not super sweet which I like.. Mix until well blended and then fill each doughnut cup about 3/4 full. Bake in middle of oven until doughnuts spring back … Vanilla beans are pretty in any baked food that is light enough to showcase the beautiful bean specs that impart such a delicate, yet rich flavor. Bake for 8 … Add buttermilk mixture to flour mixture; whisk just until combined. Combine buttermilk, eggs, honey, butter, and vanilla, stirring well with a whisk. ; Whisk – add the flour, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder and baking soda into a medium mixing bowl. The buttermilk yields such a rich texture (like a traditional buttermilk donut), really making these feel like fried cake donuts … Looking for an easy, homemade donut recipe? There are also only 2 tablespoons of oil in this recipe, yet the texture and taste are still rich and moist from the eggs and buttermilk. For the Doughnuts: 3 cups unbleached all-purpose flour; 1 cup granulated sugar Fill each cup 3/4 full and bake for 8 to 9 … Buttermilk’s acidity (similar to that in yogurt and sour cream), helps tenderize the gluten in flour giving baked goods a softer texture with more body. The cake is baked in an ordinary Bundt pan (any shape Bundt pan will work, although the less fancy, the better) and served upside down, which creates a surprisingly realistic donut shape. Super easy batter to mix up, so this is a fun treat to make for breakfast on the weekend for the family! 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Doughnuts 2 cups/240 g cake flour, sifted 3/4 cup/150 g granulated sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt Pinch of nutmeg 3/4 cup/180 g buttermilk 2 eggs, lightly beaten 2 tablespoons butter, melted 4. The first answer is yes, you can use regular milk if you don’t have buttermilk. Lightly grease two standard doughnut pans.. Combine buttermilk, eggs, honey, butter, and vanilla, stirring well with a whisk. Baked instead of fried – This donut recipe is baked instead of fried, which makes them so much healthier and easier to make. Try our Puff Pastry Glazed Donuts! Beat the mixture until it’s just combined. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream sugar and butter together until sandy. See more ideas about Delicious desserts, Dessert recipes, Desserts. Stir in buttermilk, eggs, butter and vanilla. In another small bowl combine 2 tablespoons granulated sugar and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. A few of the sisters worked at our friends doughnut shop while in high school. To bake in a Convection Toaster Oven, reduce temperature to 350°F and bake 8 to 9 minutes for full-sized donuts and 5 to 6 minutes for mini donuts.. Toppings. Add buttermilk and beat together until the batter is mixed. The two things that really set these baked pumpkin donuts apart is the addition of buttermilk and the maple glaze the pumpkin donuts are dunked into. And since they aren’t fried, go ahead and eat 2 without any guilt! Because there isn’t anything better than a freshly baked, glazed donut. But in a pinch, you can use milk. Preheat the oven to 425°F. The buttermilk and fresh strawberries makes for an amazing taste. Pour batter into donut pan. Smooth batter with spoon or spatula. Instructions. I am giving you a donut. Batter should be thick. In a bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Spoon batter into a pastry bag fitted with a large round tip and fill each doughnut cup 3/4 full. The combination of the zucchini and buttermilk make these donuts super moist and the tangy sour cream glaze is the perfect addition on top!. Okay, donuts are not the perfect food nutritionally speaking, but the worst part of it is the frying. And the buttermilk in the donut batter, and glaze, adds a nice tang. They remind me of a childhood favorite doughnut my grandma used to make, but made easier and without frying. We love these super soft baked doughnuts. The acid in buttermilk acts as a tenderizer and breaks down some of the proteins in flour. That you get to eat for breakfast. Few months ago I made Sweet Potato Baked Mini Donuts and they were a HIT at my home. Watch the cooking time as mine baked in a little less than 9 min. Preheat oven to 350˚ and lightly grease a doughnut pan for six doughnuts. Baked Buttermilk Donuts. Oct 15, 2017 - Explore Brenda Rivas's board "buttermilk donuts" on Pinterest. Spoon batter into doughnut pans, filling twothirds full. These doughnuts take minutes to prepare and bake in less than 10 minutes. The batch out of the oven was a little underwhelming to me, so I heated about an inch of oil in a saucepot on the stove, and fried the already-baked donuts for about 10 seconds each to give them the crispy fried layer that you love on a real donut, without the long exposure to the oil. Step 3: Next, add the buttermilk, eggs and butter. Stir the egg mixture into the flour mixture. These baked buttermilk donuts are inspired from the taste of a classic old-fashioned donut. Breakfast of … Apple Pie Donuts! In a medium bowl, sift together flour, salt, baking powder, and nutmeg. Omit the frying, add healthy blueberries, buttermilk, cinnamon and a fresh orange glaze and they become much healthier. 2 cups AP flour BUTTERMILK IS GREAT FOR BAKING. Bake for 10–12 minutes. Therefore, now it was a time to make something different. To celebrate I made a batch of baked donuts with my fancy new donut pan from Target. Strawberry shortcake buttermilk donuts are baked. Old Fashioned Buttermilk Donuts are plain cake donuts with a simple glaze, but they’re scored to create more surface area so that when they’re fried they get extra crispy and extra delicious on the outside. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, beat together the butter, vegetable oil, and sugars until smooth. Spoon batter into donut pan, filling each space almost all the way to top. Set aside. Spoon batter into doughnut pans, filling twothirds full. by Chastity Beene on February 3, 2015 in Breakfast. Lightly grease a mini donut tin with cooking spray. 0.00 Mitt(s ... Preheat oven to 375ºF. 1/3 cup sugar. While these donuts don’t qualify as a health food, they are a step closer than a traditional fried donut. * To make without Babycakes Donut Maker, preheat oven to 325 degrees. In a separate small mixing bowl, add and whisk together the egg, brown sugar, buttermilk, melted butter and vanilla extract. Since I bought my mini donut pan I am experimenting with all donuts. I dipped mine in powdered sugar and my daughter and husband loved them. Whisk to combine and set aside. Umm yes. I prefer buttermilk baked donuts because the rich flavor and consistency of buttermilk makes these donuts taste more like donut shop cake donuts (without having to fry them). In a smaller bowl, stir together the eggs, buttermilk, vanilla and the softened coconut oil with a whisk until smooth. To Make Baked Buttermilk Donuts . Generously grease a standard donut pan. 1 egg. Baked vanilla buttermilk donuts, with a maple glaze and topped with crushed Waffles & Syrup Oreo Cookies. For Cinnamon Sugar Topped Donuts: In a small bowl melt 1 tablespoon of butter or coconut oil. Aug 5, 2015 - These Baked Buttermilk Blueberry Donuts are a special breakfast treat! An old fashioned donut was never my first choice at … Combine buttermilk, eggs, honey, butter, and vanilla, stirring well with a whisk. Add buttermilk mixture to flour mixture; whisk just until combined. Buttermilk, an acid, adds a slight tanginess to the dough, but better yet, it tenderizes the gluten yielding a finer crumb. Glaze if desired. Add cocoa powder if making chocolate donuts. You don’t want to overbeat or your donuts could become tough and chewy. Glazed with strawberries and powdered sugar. Gently stir in boiling water and chopped chocolate just until combined. 1/4 cup brown sugar. Answer: Baked Buttermilk Donuts with Maple Glaze. 1 teaspoon almond extract. Buttermilk is important in this recipe because it makes the donuts tender and moist. Baked Buttermilk Doughnuts [click for printable version] Source: Wilton Yields 13 doughnuts This recipe requires the use of a doughnut pan. See post on Chastity Beene’s site! Do I have your attention now?! Combine buttermilk, eggs, oil, and vanilla in a medium bowl; add to flour mixture and fold in until almost combined. Baked Blueberry Donut Recipe Ingredients. These donuts are prepared the night before you bake them, which makes them a snap to bake in the morning. Add buttermilk mixture to flour mixture; whisk just until combined. I also substituted a mixture of 1/2 sour cream and 1/2 milk for the buttermilk because I didn’t have buttermilk handy. Preheat – oven to 325F. 3. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg and salt in mixing bowl. I started with a basic Buttermilk Baked Donut recipe and then played around with ingredients I had on hand until I was happy with the outcome.The final result?