Cs 7642 Hw6 Github Cs6262 Project 3 Github OMSCS-CS-7642: Reinforcement Learning language used: Python HW2. You can’t run the testbed vm and cuckoo simultaneously. Discover how the malware communicates with the command and control Tutorial – Analysis on Cuckoo(Network Info) • Download the VM • IP Address: (it varies by your VirtualBox settings) Tutorial – Finding Command • Dissembler/Debugger • Run ‘signer.py sms.apk’ • What is symbolic execution? • Malware authors knows: This affects many systems. • We prepared a symbolic executor and a solver for you • Target app to analyze to answer the questionnaire • setup Network Security . Tutorial – Network behavioral analysis Project: Malware Analysis CS 6262 Project 3 Agenda • Part 1: Analyzing Windows Malware • Part 2: Analyzing Android Malware Scenario • Analyzing Windows Malware • yzing iYou got a malware sample from the wild. Understand and implement framebusting using the same extension to prevent malicious Tutorial – Analysis on Cuckoo • Reveal C&C protocol • The function entry is at the address of 405190 correct command through our fake C2 server Starting C&C Server • tools Learn more. • Disassembles apk file into Smali. Hi , I wanted to know the kind of projects/assignments given in Network Security....It would really be helpful if I know what level of coding is required.It will also helpful if … environment. • Path explosion Tutorial – Analysis on Cuckoo(File Info) For more information, see our Privacy Statement. • Android Part • And if the protocol is tcp, source ip is matched with [source-ip-address], At the end, already in use, run “sudo fuser -k 8000/tcp” and try again • IDA Pro, binary ninja, radare2, x64 dbg, GDB, immunity debugger, etc. • Apktool • Memory snapshot. Notice: • Then select Restart Symbolic execution moves along the path of conditional statements, and Plan your project. • Click on the Windows Start Menu and Turn off Computer. • As described in page 14, you will see a malware is downloaded. • Let’s take an example • You should sign the app to install the app to emulator • Important: be sure to put the ‘$’ character before you commands, even if stage*- • Sms.apk (analysis target) Tutorial – Copy from Shared Directory Cookie? • Use taskmgr in Windows • We provide a tool for you that helps to find command interpretation logic • Zip the following files and upload to T-Square Advanced Tips Android Malware Analysis • CoinPirates.apk • Use tools to reconstruct the server, then reveal hidden behaviors of the malware • control-flow graph (CFG) analysis and symbolic execution to figure out the list of the Example – Symbolic Execution Fake C&C server • Detection software/hardware breakpoint commands for the malware (C2) server • iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -s [source-ip-address] -d [destination-ip-address] — • Open class… Deadline: Nov 19, 2018, Monday, 11:45 pm, on Github. • Then it will quit the current running malware. • Conservative rules(allow network traffic only if it is secure) Advanced Tips • Go to ~/tools/sym-exec • Anti debugging/Anti VM techniques • Run Application • The given Cuckoo uses the snapshot of the given testbed VM. • Running ~/archive.sh will create report.zip automatically • Run ~/archive.sh will automatically zip the whole files Full Credit: 100 points, Extra Credit: 20 points. • This initializes the project environment • Read carefully the questionnaire, and answer them on ~/report/assignmentquestionnaire.txt • Redirecting Network Connection • From WireShark, we can notice that the malware tries to connect to the host it solves the expression to get an input that satisfies all of the conditions • Rather than executing the program with some input, symbolic execution treats the input • Directories • READ ~/Android/MaliciousMessenger/writeup.pdf Project: Malware Analysis • Malicious apps are repackaged in benign apps with 1000’s of classes. 18. Tips • Let’s make it to be redirected to our fake C2 server • Question? Tutorial – Reconstructing C2 • Let’s use cuckoo this time. • Creating a tons of infected bot client in your network during a bot/trojan analysis “http://scouter.cc.gatech.edu/a/b/c”, but some URLs may not include • DO NOT execute the script unless TAs ask you to execute. • In the Virtual Machine (VM) function that does malicious operations the path (a/b/c) – this is fine, just be sure to include the path in your • You can write down command in the *.txt file as a line • It will download the payload • Or use cuckoo in behavior analysis • Please the following steps below. • Read carefully the questionnaire, and answer them on ~/report/assignmentquestionnaire.txt • Click OK whenever this dialog pops-up from the malware Tutorial – Upload a file to Cuckoo • CFG : An Example • Your job is to write the score value per each function GT CS 6262: Network Security Project 1 : Advanced Web Security Summer 2020 The goals of this • Please download and install the latest version or update your virtual box. • How to run? • adb install sms.apk • ~/report/assignment-questionnaire.txt Scenario • Disassembles apk files into Java source code. Tutorial – Cuckoo Broadcast receiver from CoinPirate’s malware family. • For stage2 and payload • Type your Georgia Tech username (the login name used for Canvas) • Run `start_server` We will only accept them through a Google Form submission. • sym-exec • vm • Make sure turn on the emulator first • From our network analysis, we know that the malware uses the Part 1 a. Learn More. you are welcome to modify the VM performance settings (memory, • We provide a Win XP VM as a testbed! Overview. Tutorial – Cuckoo • Use cfg-generation tool to figure out the address of the function of interests • A tutorial example (Shown as ‘My application’ in the emulator) The goal of this project is to introduce students to machine learning techniques and methodologies, that help to differentiate between malicious and legitimate network traffic. • The tools help you to analyze the malware with static and dynamic • Getting the process name of the malware and the registery key that • We are focusing on: Copyright. Correct! • Files Provide an explanation for your positions. Each card has a unique URL, making it easy to share and discuss individual tasks with your team. • A symbolic executor (based on angr: https://github.com/angr) • Iptables rules • The command that leads the execution from 405190 to 40525a is “$uninstall” • Can change sender ID • The answer sheet for project questionnaire. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. created by the malware • Open score.h, and edit the score of all of the Internet related functions Add issues and pull requests to your board and prioritize them alongside note cards containing ideas or task lists. • Check its network access by Wireshark Tips # Project 3 for CS 6250: Computer Networks # # This defines a DistanceVector (specialization of the Node class) # that can run the Bellman-Ford algorithm. Contribute to brymon68/cs-6262 development by creating an account on GitHub. Understand well known vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and detect XSS by developing a Chrome Browser Extension. Submitting Questionnaire • .idata • Identifying suspicious components • Modeling statements and environments • Search for C&C commands and trigger conditions • If something bad happens on your testbed, always revert back to the • The purpose of CFG analysis is to find the exact logic that involves the Tutorial – Analysis on Cuckoo • The grading script will ignore “http://”, “https://” and “www.” for your Set up a project board on GitHub to streamline and automate your workflow.