He seems to be obsessed with her scent, like you mentioned. The behavior patterns in this type of aggression include chasing and ambushing the intruder, as well as hissing and swatting when contact occurs. They love to chase each other and the Little Girl appears to adore her ‘big brother. And he will pin him there until somehow my older male gets out of his hold, or someone walks in the room. The article has literally all the answers! I’ve had cats my entire life but never imagined a neutered male could have the same sex drive that an intact male has. so much for ur awesome article on this situation xoxo JaNe “”, To whom it may concern, I bought the boar spray, I also bought the Feliway scent for the house and it didn’t work. Lol. That ever occur to you? from what i’ve read if the neutered male actually has sex with her it can help end the cycle and then you can get her fixed. He spends a lot of time with my Rottie, Vulcan likes to sleep as close to him as he can get and I have seen him cleaning Kero’s ears, occasionally biting him when he tries to get up, but it’s more of a ‘don’t move I’m not done cleaning you’ thing, where as when I try to pull him off me he growl/meows in a ‘move and I’ll cut you’ sort of way. 29, 99 The neck grip is not a form of male aggression. If this behavior happens out in a free-range environment with intact cats, or if we see it on a nature program, it's something we understand as normal animal behavior. Possible UTI’s or something? Please list the full name it’s worth a try. I myself am going through this and would NEVER consider that an option. He only does it to the one female, probably because she is more submissive. He would come screaming around the corner ready to have his way with her when all of a sudden he would stop in his tracks and look puzzled as if to say, “Excuse me, sir, I must have you confused with someone else.”. They are a bonded pair and definitely love each other (groom each other, sleep by each other, eat together, etc. A female cat was not meant to breed unless she is in heat. Then, when pressure is applied to the pig’s lower back, she will stand erect ready to be mounted if she is in heat. Also, cats don’t have corkscrew shaped penises! Why would he be so sexually aggressive now, especially with a male? How to Write Web Content That Brings Traffic: 12 Simple, Effective SEO Tips, 47 Incredible Cat Facts Your Favorite Pet Has Been Hiding From You | Thought Catalog, 7 Top Unexpected Reasons Your Cat Bites Your Nose | Traveling With Your Cat. When the kitten had a chance to run, the poor thing ran, 3 times with just a spray bottle of water?!? I was extremely disappointed thought this would bring harmony to the family, but alas I guess his hormones are still raging. The father of the kittens, and presumably Vulcans younger relative (who’s twice the size) has been neutered after domesticating himself to my Rottie at first sight (and then to me) but it’s been about 3 months and Chunk does not sleep in my bed like Vulcan does, his preferred spot always having been on my chest or as close to my face as he can get. I too, have a neck biting problem. Mother Biting Kittens by: Anonymous My cat recently had four kittens. Why Do Cats Have Accidents Outside the Litter Box? I find that I need to spray the girls every 3 or 4 days to keep the peace. And the black cat backs away from the orange when they get close. Assuming your commenting because your a cat lover your reply was ridiculous. Nutritional Health for Your Rabbit Friends, Shark Finning Endangers Marine Ecosystems. The antidote for this situation, I surmised, was to play an olfactory trick on the male by making the female smell like a male. I found the article to be very insightful and helpful. Also what do I do? I can not rehome an animal. We have a 1 year old black, neutered female [LG] and a neutered male [Bob] who is about 2. My cats are inside cats. All fixed and ranging in age from 5 to 13 years. Male Cat Biting My Kitten. They are both indoor cats. How to Reduce the Risk of Catching a Cold, Music and Epilepsy: Seizure Reduction Through Music Therapy, Shinrin-Yoku: The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Forest Bathing. Today they are unhappy as they have cones to keep them from licking their wounds. They are almost like human but more like human kids that need adult humans to look out and take care of them. We have had endless trouble with our 5yo, early castrates boy. I’m having trouble with a 1 1/2 year old male, neutered at about 5 months of age, going the the motions with my 7 month old male kitten, who was also neutered at about 5 months of ago. & she’s sweet as can be a very smaller than him so I do get scared he will hurt her because he gets rough.. she cuddles up to me & my husband and I’m scared to leave them @ home alone.. thanks ?? Given that mating cats often don’t know one another beforehand, taking a few precautions is sensible in case they’ve chosen an unusually volatile partner. After petting or combing him he gets that look in his eye and then jumps me. Why Some Cats Suck on Fabric, Wool, or Hair, How to Encourage a Cat to Use a Scratch Post, How to Keep Cats off Counters and Furniture, Cats That Have Adopted Animals of Other Species, Five New Furballs: Serenity, Quest, Sherpa, Coda, and Cayoosh, Foster Kittens: Jenga, Eclipse, Valhalla, and Callahan, Foster Kittens: The Fluffasaurus Rex and Friends, Foster Kittens: The Great Kitten Storm of 2012, Foster Kittens: The Saga of the Little Savages, Sir Shady, the Earl of Grey, Princess Fluffington and the Countess Hissyfit, The Checkerboard Kittens: Picatso, Pablo, Catisse, and Catson, The Hoarder House Kittens: Rowdy, Scrappy, Ally, and Cory, The Lake Kittens: Duffey, Alta, and Skaha, The Sunshine Kittens: Golden, Raya, and Sola, 10 Pet Insurance Providers Ranked: Complete 2018 Comparison Guide, Reviews of Wheat-Based Swheat Scoop Cat Litter, Save Money on Pet Supplies with Groupon Coupons, Answers to Frequently Asked Kitten Questions. Im going to attempt to leave an email address in a “code” form so it doesnt block it out, and if you can offer some advice, or if you find something that helps I would love your help! My female spayed cat keeps coming home with very sore hind quarters and a tail that looks as if is broken, all she does for a couple of days is lays on my bed she won’t let me have a Close look at her. My female cats also are mad. He has been mounting my female at least five times a night (she sleeps on my bed at night) and he does it right in front of me. My husband already hate him. He was The offspring of a stray or feral that neighborhood kids found. Veterinary chiropractic: A friend or foe to your patients? Some times you gotta do what you gotta do, I know for a fact that there is an insurmountable amount of guilt and grief a pet owner feels when they want to do better for their fur baby/ies but can’t. How Do a Cat’s Senses of Smell and Taste Compare to Those of a Human? Ebay! She had been able to escape some close calls prior by goin under the sofa where he couldnt fit. He is a great cat otherwise. It is possible that this explanation accounts for the 10 percent failure rate of neutering in male cats in suppressing all sexually dimorphic behaviors. ok…but what do you do if your neutered male cat is trying to mount another male? I don’t want this to affect the bond they have. Moving away and ending your play session can help her learn not to bite, but you can also give her a toy that you don't mind her attacking vigorously. When my youngest kitten went into heat he didn’t seem fazed and ignored her. The male is still a male and still can do everything a male can apart from reproduce and yes would have been the problem, It’s a shame there are no answers here. Neck biting/dominance issue. My male cat is causing so much trouble attacking the female cats at 4am EVERY.SIGLE.DAY. With mounting, at least, prior sexual experience has been shown to persist longer when the neutered male is constantly presented with a female in heat, as you might well expect. Could that have anything to do with my inside males behavior? This particular pheromone, which is found in boars’ saliva, is aerosolized and applied to the rump area of the pig. They’re both males, but I’ve seen the neutered one trying to mount the other one! He was newly neutered male, ear clipped. However I got sick a month or so ago and went several days without washing my hair, this is when he (Vulcan) began grabbing me strongly by the hair and making lewd with my whole head, becoming aggressive when I realized it was more than just innocent grooming. Only she does it to my arm when I'm trying to sleep. Tina also sleeps on my lap, so 3-5 times a night Im waking up to Garth pouncing on me as he is trying to pounce on her! It was once believed that a female cat shrieks after mating because the spines on a male cat’s penis (which induce ovulation in female cats) cause pain during withdrawal, but experts now think that the shriek is a warning gesture. I noticed when one of the kittens cried she would bite their neck. He certainly is doing things with his hips that is VERY NC-17, though. I wonder if this stuff will have any lasting effects on the females that it is being put on. The pineal gland comes into it because, as far as I know, melatonin sometimes has a regulatory effect on the heat cycles of induced ovulators–this has been particularly well-demonstrated in members of the weasel family, and maybe it plays a part in the heat cycles of cats as well. Folks, read the article. Is this because he really likes me? Cats typically display head bunting toward other cats, dog companions and humans. How is this possible? At first I got scared so I took her away for a little bit but when she came back she went back to nurturing and grooming them. It was his last chance, as we boarded him for a week to let the girls come and get familiar with their surroundings again. Trying to find out why led me here…, I saw a mature male cat bitting and holding down a kitten that is a long way from maturity He is a bully, the kitten was in pain and not enjoyment. 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How Much Food Does a Cat Need? She seeks refuge from my husband, or myself and we have to separate them when we are not home, or we fear that he will kill her. “When cats bite in this context, it’s not a sign of affection, but rather a signal that the cat is done with the interaction. My female 13 year old is constantly being bitten and mounted by our 13 year old Bengal. Please reread the article. I just read a comment about a lady who applies Hog Mate to a cotton ball and then rubs it on the rump and tail area of her female cat every three days and now the male plays normally. I feel guilty for not figuring this out sooner, but I’ve had cats my entire life and never even heard of a situation like this. Can a female Bob cat kill the male as after mating? What does this sound like the vet told us nothing, he don’t know. However, if you see a neutered male beating up on an undercat, it’s time to report this behavior to authorities who can do something to help address the problem. It is causing distress in my home 🙁. Im sure the question ask for personal beliefs on whats right or wrong with how to raise a kitten nor as if “is this my fault” Which Are More Intelligent – Cats or Dogs? Why is he doing that? I am going to try this. Can You Feed a Dog Cat Food? Did anyone give you any solutions? As the vet who wrote this article has a BVMS and ACVB degree I am guessing he would not recommend a product that is harmful but would like additional thoughts. In addition, I have been feeding a homeless male, who I cannot pet, who was neutered about two weeks ago at a homeless cat clinic (we caught him in a humane trap), outside on my back porch. Bought the boar’s mate. These two have been raised together since they were about 8 weeks old. My male cat who i recently adopted beats up on my other male cat . But I’ll NEVER have another Male furbaby EVER! Ann Stotts, Please just give me an answer and forget the robot game. They are adorable. She isn’t afraid of him but if he is actually penetrating her, I am concerned that this could be unsafe for her. Neck fur matted, smelling like feces, tired, an can’t get away. Splain the instinct that led to THAT! I have a female that’s spaed and I petted her prior. I really don’t know what to do. Help! All my animals are fixed and other male (neutered very young at 8weeks) has never shown any sexual behavior. I don’t want him injuring this other cat; they are like brothers. Or can be got from the USA, with expensive postage to the UK. Help please! Forever grateful He will not be stopped from pursuing her either despite my running after him and yelling. What he is doing by biting the back of her neck is holding her still which is what cats do during mating, it prevents the female from running or fighting the male. Whats going on with them. Hence we woke up to the screaming nightmare shortly after as he caught the kitten who was probably sleeping. I’ll take him to the vet and see if they can recommend anything else. She is spayed. I want them to be the best of friends that they were. I want to thank you for the article, information and the humour; I rescued a 9 month old male; who from the day he was let out of his 2 week adjustment period made my two 13 year old females cats a life of misery, I was at a loss, never had I rehomed a cat that was so aggressive and angry. You can get the right at the pet store. since she smells like a male. I purchased the BoarMate immediately and thank you my home has returned to a calm and balanced environment. I don’t know if he is actually penetrating her but I’m assuming he tries. ), but our male can get a little crazy with this biting. “Oh hey guys I may have found answer to your problem that is stressing you out, costing you thousands of dollars in vet bills. Even cats who have been spayed (female) or neutered (male) will engage in sexual mimicry, and that is what is happening when the male bites the female's back. He was neutered between 9 mos. He gets more attention than many of the other cats, and I’m wondering if, because it started when I got sick, he’s concerned about my health? One even reported that it was only necessary to spray the aerosol onto a pad and gently apply it to the female cat’s rump every other day to keep inter-cat sexual aggression at bay. How about being constructive instead of destructive? Christmas Cat Craft Ideas and Free Cat Photos and Other Graphics, The History of Santa Claus and His Reindeer. Tiger King-Cat Bite FILE - In this July 20, 2017, file photo, Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, walks the property near Tampa, Fla. Officials said, a female volunteer who regularly feeds big cats was bitten and seriously injured by a tiger Thursday morning, Dec. 3, 2020, at the sanctuary, which was made famous by the Netflix series “Tiger King." 🙂. Why is my compost dry and cold (or soggy and muddy)? My almost 12 year old neutered male cat is going after the other neutered male cats in the house. The older male is introverted but now he’s retreating. I have a diabetic cat who isi I’ll and would like to protect her. His brother does not like it and cries out. 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(2004). Costs about £16.00 from Hong Kong with free postage to the UK. IP: Logged The problem is he’s not biting her scruff, which is normal, he’s wrapping his mouth around her (considerably smaller) neck. He also tends to bite her near her hind quarters or on her head. Probiotic Health Benefits, 10 Ways to Create a More Environmentally Friendly Garden, All About Basil: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Growing, Storing, and Cooking with Basil, All About Chives: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Growing Chives, Storing Chives, and Cooking with Chives, All About Mint: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Growing, Storing, and Cooking with Mint, All About Sage: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Growing Sage, Storing Sage, and Cooking with Sage, Beets: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Growing Beets, Storing Beets, and Cooking with Beets, Carrots: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Growing, Storing, and Cooking, Choosing Containers for Container Gardening. I first came to this conclusion many years ago and formulated my own plan for dealing with it. I had a feral male neutered before he was a year old, never started spraying and he came to me out of a large colony of cats I’ve since spayed and neutered and homed, because he is so attached to me he’s become one of my permanent sons. away. Now back to the subject of sexual aggression, but this time in neutered males. When your cat engages in head bunting or head rubbing, he is placing his scent there as a social and affectionate gesture. I never understand how people can go straight to euthanizing as an option in cases like this. The comment section are for those who have further questions or results from using the practices discussed in the article, not for those who didn’t read the article and would rather have their answers handed over on silver plate. They got along well from the beginning with the male acting like a tolerant big brother. He has ALWAYS been an indoor cat and had never shown this behavior previously. Her fear was warranted because research demonstrates that “male cats are more likely to spray and fight if they are in households with female cats than with other male cats.” 4 ADVERTISEMENT Years later, a male cat named Leo joined her female cat in the household. This is very first time he has done anything aggressive or weird. He had started this behavior a couple of weeks ago, but today he is relentless. on further research think he has too much testosterone. Will eating too much protein make me fat? My large neutered male is seriously hurting her. In multi-cat households, the cats are often not related, yet have to share their resources and have limited opportunity to hide or avoid situations of potential conflict. She spent the night in the emergency cat hospital with stiches almost half way around her entire lil body mid belly level. My five year old female is spayed and was spayed as a kitten. Should You Really Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever? He just became aggressive towards me. Why Are the Christmas Colours Green, Red, and Gold? Why Do Cats Suddenly Make Mad Dashes Around the House? [CDATA[ google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5683021342612703"; /* 468x60, created 3/20/11 */ google_ad_slot = "2451386760"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; // ]]> You chastising her doesn’t make the situation any better and it just makes you look like a witch. I am going to have to try some desperate measures soon as I am not going to put up with it much longer. Why Do Cats Go Crazy for Catnip, Valerian, and Mint? Its madness! This can’t be a healthy situation. Is he saying ‘hey i’m available.’ What can I do to stop the spraying. He becomes romantic but not to that point and is definitely not overly aggressive as the sisters hiss and swat him. You’re incorrect in saying a neutered cat having sex with the female will end the cycle. Not every cat owner is as educated as you seem to hold yourself. I’m trying to keep them separated, but am concerned about this behavior and worried it will be an ongoing problem. [CDATA[ // ]]> Actually, my particular theory was that since cats are induced ovulators, the neck bite may create some kind of stimulation of the pineal gland and/or hypothalamus, which might in turn affect the release of the egg and/or lower the female’s outrageous estrogen levels to a reasonable quantity. Good advice, Patty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And Oliver, I do adore him (the coolest cat ever) but a huge pain in my ass non-the-less! It sounds as if the feline penis has “barbs” and one of my concerns is that this may cause her pain or discomfort. The one time I tried to turn her back round to face me, she hissed and took a swipe at me, drawing blood (she is never normally aggressive). The Effects of Pit Bull Bans: Does Breed-Specific Legislation Reduce Dog Attacks? He pounces Ms. Kitty ? Mostly they get on like a house on fire. Thank you Amanda for that nice informative response. I find this very distressing. Join VPN Plus+ today to get access to exclusive content like: Entyce from Aratana Therapeutics Inc. is now commercially available to US veterinarians.