Accessories Techmoan Recommended for you. Comfort goes to the F5's slightly more ergonomic shape (although both are good), but the 12 Classic is able to isolate better. One of the best feature is that they come with a detachable wire. Disclaimer: The Fiio F5 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our review. Given its impedance (19 Ohms) and its efficiency (112dB w/M) the FiiO … All rights reserved. In terms of build quality, overall fit and comfort, isolation and even cable quality it definitely sits ahead of the FiiO. My usual listening level is around 65-75 dB. Most of my portable listening is done with IEMs, and lately it has mainly been with the Jays q-Jays, Alclair Curve2 and Adel U6 (although I am spending more and more time with a pair of FiiL Diva lately). The FiiO F5, like its sibling the (EX1) appears to be quite well made, but with a variety of materials involved. Isolation goes to the Fidue A73. JavaScript is disabled. Build materials go slightly toward the FiiO F5 with it's partial alloy body vs the formed plastic of the A73. Is it worth it for you to spend a little extra cash on the more-well-known 215? I do not claim that this data is 100% accurate, but it is very consistent, and is as close as I can get to the IEC 711 standard on my budget. FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 Comparison Review In the Box The company started with products in this class like F5, EX1, and then continued with the likes of F9, F9 Pro and FH1, experimenting to a degree on each step. Yes, if the implementation is vastly different you can sometimes notice a difference, but more often than not the changes to cross-talk are already below the audible barrier, and most modern set-ups don't have crosstalk issues anyway. (Introductory Note : Recently, it seems that Fiio is following a two-sided approach with its familiar “FH” and new “FA” series IEMs. 9:26. Instrumental timbre is reasonably accurate with a slight hint of warmth from the low-end creeping into the lower order harmonics but otherwise a fairly natural sounding quality with very little in the way of sharp overtones. The box steers away from their recent dalliance with white fused packaging and instead goes back to black which I think just ups the allure on the retail shelf a little. The IMS valve amp tends to add a little 2nd order harmonic warmth, and was pretty a good pairing for my tastes when paired with the iPhone. In practically every part of the frequency range, it is the same earphone. This item FiiO F5 In-Ear Headphones IEM/Headset with 2.5 mm Symmetrical and 3.5 Standard Cable. If you don’t, here’s a very short summary. Thanks to the … อุปกรณ์ในกล่อง Fiio F5 • 1 x หูฟัง Fiio F5 • 6 x จุกยางซิลิโคนขนาด S, M, L • 1 x สาย 3.5 mm หรือ AUX • 1 x สาย 2.5 mm • 1 x กล่องใส่หูฟัง A review of the affordable and excellent sounding FiiO F5 In-Ear Monitors. So which one is right for you? Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW 5. Channel matching is excellent – some of the best I've seen. Your email address will not be published. I'm not a great believer in the adage that balanced makes a huge difference. I first started reviewing in the late 80s (ouch!). Here is my impression of Fiio F5 IEMs, which I've now been listening to for a few weeks. Read: Fiio F5 In-Ear Headphones Review Value. The difference internally though is the additional layer of 66-stranded copper wiring on top of the core for better shielding from ground noise and general interference which, with WiFi or BT becoming ever more present in DAPs, should be a benefit. There is also two cardboard plates which house the included tips. While my 551 sound fantastic it also very large and it's just not the best option for me anymore. The circular part of the body is 15mm in diameter, and designed to fit snugly in your ear with the rear of the F5 shell against your anti-helix, and the front underneath your tragus, with the nozzle angled forward into the ear canal. (Introductory Note : Recently, it seems that Fiio … The FiiO F5 IEM that I’m reviewing today was provided to me gratis as a review sample. FiiO F5 Earbuds Review Written By Pete Anthony Last Updated On: 8-19-19 FiiO is a relatively new audio company, founded circa 2007, that has recently produced a variety of highly … I used the X7 and AM3 simply because paired they not only gave me a very transparent window to the music with low impedance, and more than enough power – but also allowed me to use the balanced option. Description. Navigation through folders is accomplished with simple up/down/left/right swipes and taps. The A5's bass boost was also pretty good if I wanted to add an extra bit of fun – but these are colourations that the F5 doesn't really need. By now, most Head-Fi members should know about the FiiO Electronics Company. It does measure well past 10kHz – but there is no emphasis – nor is any needed IMO. Detail is a little lacking but nothing I would find overly surprising at this price point so safe to say do not push it in unbalanced mode with complex mid-centric guitar arrangements with lower register male vocals as it tends to sound a little “samey”. FiiO as always get the most out of budget product packaging and to be frank the F5 is one of their best offerings to date in that respect. In your F3 review, you mentioned about channel imbalance and the the right one is slowly dying. A hi-res player that sounds good whether you’re streaming or playing locally. Time spent now with the F5 would be approximately 25-30 hours. For Good sense of rhythm Solid punch Huge storage The F5 has a natural to neutral tonality with a clean sounding presentation and a frequency response that is tuned slightly for musicality but nothing overly colored. On the housing is either L or R markings, but the black on black is quite difficult to see. FiiO kindly sent me a Q5 for review. How time flies. The F5 comes with two detachable cables with gold plated MMCX connectors. The following is what I hear from the FiiO F5. Upper treble – continues the overall roll-off of lower treble. Up to 50Hz, the sub-bass falls away a bit though it is not completely lacking, just more on the polite side than the powerful rumbling side. I would like to thank Fiio very much for contacting me and providing me with the F5 for review. Best fit for me were the Sonys (or Trinity Kombis). The alloy is on the outer shell and the plastics are used for the base with 3 fairly large driver vents right at the base of the nozzle. Fiio is a Headfonia partner but Fiio insists that we keep our objectivity as we do for all other brands. The result is a quite cohesive transition form lower to upper mids, and a lot of euphony for female vocals. earphone, June 14, 2017 / 2745 0 . There is also a L or R indicator on each shell on the internal side. MMCX Connectors. The Oriveti Basic surprised me when I reviewed it recently, and with EQ can really sound quite stunning. There is just the slightest of low-end boosts, a linear drop to the lower mids for good instrumental clarity and separation, a slightly boosted vocal presence, particularly in the female higher pitches and an articulate but smooth top end delivery. Because the F5 has a nice nozzle lip, I had no issues fitting any of my tips, and had great success with Ostry’s blue and black tuning tips, Sony Isolation tips, Spin-fits, and also Spiral Dots. Its interface is an improvement on that of Fiio’s X3 MkIII, greatly simplified to focused on music playback with just one extra feature — audio recording — for added flavor. I'm a 50 year old music lover. If I am pairing with source music to get the best out of the F5 mids I would opt for tracks with a sparser mids arrangements and less low mid-presence to sound more convincing on the F5. It is a very mid-forward sounding IEM, but lovers of female vocals in particular will love the F5. If sound isolation in a priority, then go for the FH5. They are designed to be worn straight down but I find them to seal better when worn over the ear. I'll start with the easy one (isolation), and we can then look at fit and comfort. The depth of the F5 is approx 16mm from the interior face to the outer arm (holding the cable socket). Fit and comfort is exemplary. The nozzle is formed from the same hard plastic mold on the base of the F5 driver housing so it is unlikely to detach and fall away. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There is also a tiny switch to toggle between android and iOS plus a high definition microphone. Fiio is a Headfonia partner but Fiio insists that we keep our objectivity as we do for all other brands. I wanted to compare against some reasonably well known IEMs in a similar price and signature bracket – so I chose the Meze 12 Classics, TFZ Series 5, Oriveti Basic, Fidue A73 and Dunu Titan 5.