But the most interesting component is the club head. Table of Contents. Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set A … Instill the passion in your kids from a young age for a hobby that the two of you can enjoy together for years to come. In this 10-minute buying guide, I’ll review what I believe are the 5 best golf clubs for seniors. Many seniors and golfing amateurs struggle with low-loft golf clubs. The golf clubs in this set are engineered specifically for younger players, so they can work on improving distance and accuracy. The steel club head is precision-shaped to give you more control over the speed and direction of the ball. Golf clubs for seniors are designed to be more forgiving than normal golf clubs. Apply double-sided grip tape along the length of the shaft. Pour mineral spirit or golf grip solvent inside the new grip, using your finger to prevent the liquid from pouring out of the hole at the bottom of the grip. Once you make a lengthwise cut, it’ll be easy to strip off the old grip. It comes with a head cover for protection. The shaft packs more power and transfers more energy to the ball, ensuring it travels further. Updated 10/29/19. Thanks to our team of researchers, we will tell you about 10 great golf clubs any senior would appreciate. The shaft is made from graphite, which makes the clubs lighter. One market they realize is a worthwhile investment is senior golfers. Runner Up 1: TaylorMade RBZ Driver. For many, iron play is one of the most difficult elements of the golfing test. Shop with confidence on eBay! It also does something else to make your shots more powerful. The senior flex on the shaft is great for players who are experiencing lower speeds and drive distance. If you are looking for a premium set of senior-friendly golf clubs, I recommend this one by TaylorMade. They also improve speed and accuracy of shots. The shaft material is graphite, which keeps the weight low and improves swing speed and power. Thanks to a combination of a large rounded head with a long shaft, the hybrids provide the same drive distance as irons but with added accuracy. Look for a golf club with a senior-grade flex rating. This 9-piece, high-quality set of clubs will ensure consistent improvement in your game.The 460cc driver offers accuracy and forgiveness required by all senior golfers. Active Seniors Club is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What Are The Best Golf Clubs For Seniors On The Market? For instance, it includes micro weights made from tungsten. Online marketplaces are great places to sell your used golf clubs. We have golf clubs from all the brands you love, including Callaway, TaylorMade, Wilson, Cobra and Titleist, as well as Mizuno, Cleveland, … The shaft has a senior-grade flex rating. Senior golf clubs are designed with a larger club head to compensate for the reduced accuracy. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Hybrid: 6. Mark where it’ll reach on the shaft. How many of each type of club you carry is up to you – as long as the total number does not exceed 14. They provide more power and speed compared to regular and stiff golf clubs. This consists of a combination of irons, wood and a putter. Other marketplaces that you can sell your golf clubs on include Golfclubs4cash, Golfbidder and Affordable Golf. Here’s why the Cleveland Launcher HB is the best value driver for seniors: Since the golf club is evenly weighted, the swing is smooth and firm. It is available in both right and left hand orientations. There are 5 irons (5, 6, 7, 8, 9) plus a pitching and a sand wedge for bunkers and chipping. This is because they hit the ball with less speed and power. With only 45 golf clubs offering membership discounts/incentives exclusively for seniors, we scoured through all of them to narrow down the best deals. You should have no problem swinging it fast and accurate. This will make it easier to remove the old grip and tape and put in the new one. In contrast, woods with steel shafts can weight up to 120g. Leave an inch of tape hanging over the end of the shaft. Even if you hit off-centre, the wide club face ensures the ball stays straight with minimal spin. As you age, your accuracy is not as sharp as before. Some pro players still stick to heavier drivers weighing around 100g arguing that it gives them more control. He's a self-confessed tea and coffee geek who spends his free time in the garden and with his horses. The TaylorMade RBZ is not a new release but it still is one of the best forgiving golf drivers for seniors out there.. For a senior, a lightweight club is much easier to use. Since it is a hybrid, the design borrows from both woods and irons. Most senior flex golf clubs are made from graphite. They provide a better hit which improves power, speed and accuracy. They call it a HiBore Crown. It sets up with more of a tour look than some of the game improvement type clubs that are out there. The 8 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors. These golf heads have a wider club face which ensures that even off-centre shots remain accurate. Adjustability is a great thing if you want to be able to change the loft, launch, or face angle of your golf club. Shake the grip to ensure the inside is well coated. There is, however, one downside to an adjustable driver. If you are a senior golfer looking for new golf clubs, you are in the right place. They are usually designed with larger sweet spots, a higher loft and more flexible shafts. The clubs in this set are also ultra-lightweight especially with the graphite shaft option, making it in our opinion, the best choice for a senior golfer. The club head comes with all sorts of technologies and modifications to improve speed, power and accuracy. If you are new to JamGolf and are wondering how to buy golf clubs online the answer is simple. Make the most out of Labor Day this year. It will drive your balls higher and further. Cut along the length of the grip, making sure you move the blade away from you. 15 degrees is perfect for most seniors. It’s lighter, reducing the overall weight of the club which in turn improves swing speed and power. Select from the regions below to find a list of amateur Senior and Veteran open golf events to be played in that area. Golf Clubs OnlineGolf offers a comprehensive selection of golf clubs for sale, to suit a range of needs and specifications. Mizuno MP-20 MB Irons, 3-PW. The golf clubs with the best deals for seniors are as follows: Image Credit: Jet Shopping Media / Shutterstock. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. Deciding on the best golf clubs for seniors can be a rather “subjective” matter. As a leading retailer JamGolf has a vast range of golf clubs for sale. Available in ultra light, adjustable and offset golf driver models in right and left hand to perfectly fit … Lightweight graphite shafts with senior flex rating for easier and more powerful hits. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Seniors Flex Golf Clubs. The 3 and 4 hybrids are great replacements for the longer irons which tend to be more erratic in the hands of seniors and novices. The flex grade is senior, which improves speed and power. Replacing your longer irons (1, 2, 3) with hybrids will increase your speed, accuracy and distance. In this 10-minute buying guide, I’ll review what I believe are the 5 best golf clubs for seniors. Weighted club heads that provide better control and added power. The head has the wide rounded shape of a wood that maintains accuracy and speed. 6 Best golf driver for seniors 2020, players over 50 & over 60. Best Classic Irons. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is the Senior roll up, where members meet for 8am, partners are then drawn for a ”friendly“game, usually played for a cup of coffee! This video is for senior golfers who would like to learn an easy golf swing, a pain free golf swing and one that can add more distance to your drives. Nathan Borchelt. Golf clubs for seniors are designed to be more forgiving than normal golf clubs. Each club has a lightweight shaft interior attached to a highly engineered tungsten club head. View basket for details. At American Golf, we stock a wide range of right and left handed golf drivers, as well as ladies drivers for the golf course or driving range. Fold the overhanging end of the tape into the hole at the end of the shaft to keep dirt and particles from getting in. They are usually designed with larger sweet spots, a higher loft and more flexible shafts. Elsham Seniors are a section within Elsham Golf Club that organise and run various events throughout the year for their members. 1 Our Recommended Clubs For Men & Women. Hybrid design that makes it easier to use on the fairway. Available in both right and left hand orientations. The reduced stiffness comes in handy as your club speed and drive distance goes down. All the clubs in the set have graphite shafts. The club is longer than average, which makes it one of the best Ping golf clubs for seniors. Most Forgiving Irons 2020. The competitions are for those golfers aged 50 years or over which we then split into various age categories, 55+, 60+ & 65+. The set is comprised of only easy-to-hit hybrid golf … Golf is one of the best sports activities for seniors because of its low-impact non-intensive nature. In this article we will specifically address what are the best golf drivers for senior golfers and for swing speeds less than 110 mph. Modern golf drivers are very easy to adjust and the difference in your game can be seen almost immediately. Get the 18-degree one if you need extra help with distance and elevation. A lot of things go into making a good club … During impact with the ball, the crown compresses and decompresses. He covers everything from trail cameras to ski equipment. This is a right hand club but there’s also a left hand version available. This is where the manufacturer focused most of their innovations. Give the grip several hours to dry before you play with the club. The best ones in the UK include eBay, Amazon and Gumtree. Read more Hide All these drivers are available from top brands including TaylorMade , Callaway Golf , Cobra Golf and PING . So grab a seat, and spend the next few minutes reading this article. Off-centre hits become more common. Easy to swing ultra light aerospace materials enhance club head speed for significant distance gains. 2018 Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Hybrid This set is made specifically to suit the needs of older golfers, so was an easy choice for our best golf clubs for seniors list. Go to previous slide - Shop by Golf Club Type, Go to next slide - Shop by Golf Club Type, Go to previous slide - Highest-rated products, Go to next slide - Highest-rated products. Premium golf drivers, fairway woods and irons with power enhancing, ultra light technology providing longer distance with forgiveness and control. This provides better control and increased stability when hitting the ball. Senior golf clubs for sale Ping G410 Plus Driver - 12.0° - Alta Senior 55g Shaft: 275 £ | TITLEIST TS2 DRIVER - 10.5 DEGREE- MITUBISHI KUROKAGE A FLEX SHAFT| https://www.for-sale.co.uk The sound of the club face hitting the ball sounds perfect and exhilarating. Written by. This releases stored energy into the ball, propelling it further away. It’ll just take a bit more care and effort. It costs a bit over £1,000 for the full set but the pro-grade features and performance are worth it. Increased loft to help you achieve a longer drive distance. A lot of lady senior golfers are having problems with their irons, and this set aims to solve those issue.