She has 3b curls that are considered fine, high porosity, and long. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Travis Scott Teamed Up With Luxury Fragrance Brand Byredo Co... Beyoncé, KeiyaA and Jazmine Sullivan Featured On Jay-Z's Ne... 7 Reasons Why We're Excited For Jazmine Sullivan's New Album, The Best Black-Owned Gifts Under $50 For Everyone On Your List. Hair fix: Lighten up on your routine by using just a small amount of water-based products. I'm sure you look beautiful. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our TEXTURE WAVY (2a-2c) Forms a loose “S” very easily straightened. Give your hair, intense on the spot hydration with Phyto’s nourishing shampoo, formulated with ingredients like macadamia oil for deeper moisture penetration. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo for Damaged Hair, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Conditioner, SheaMoisture High Porosity Moisture Correct Masque, Marc Anthony Grow Long Anti-Breakage Hair Mask, L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Thermal Smoother Cream, Sun Bum Revitalizing 3-in-1 Leave-In Hair Conditioner Spray, HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protector, Butcher Box Review: Pros, Cons, and Comparison. The Best Products For Dry, Damaged, High Porosity Hair All natural hair is not created equal. There are three different types of hair porosity (LOW, MEDIUM, & HIGH), and knowing yours is extremely important. High porosity hair greatly benefits from regular deep conditioning treatments. Low Porosity. Shampoo: Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Shampoo. It can tangle easily because the raised hair cuticles get caught within one another. Butcher Box is a grocery delivery service specializing in meat and seafood. Determining your hair’s porosity level can be the key to not only saving yourself a ton on money on products that don’t suit your hair, but will also help later on down the road when figuring out what styling techniques are best. • Curls dry quickly. There are three bones located in the middle ear: the incus, the malleus and the stapes. Products containing protein can help “fill in the gaps” in the cuticle so that your hair will retain the moisture you add. If you're not sure what porosity your hair is, be sure to read my ultimate guide to hair porosity post. Are your strands thin/fine or thick/course. CURLY (3a-3c) Forms a definite “S” shaped like a corkscrew. Collectively, all three bones comprise the ossicles. We’ve included a few recommendations for low- and high-porosity hair. Archived. Determining your hair type opens the door for best products to use for maximum health. Now, as we know, high porosity hair tends to wet easily and become easily weighed down with products that attract moisture. Incorporating protein in your hair routine with products such as conditioners and protein packs, is very crucial. So my quest began to find better products for my hair. Soaking it up like a sponge and holding onto that water for as long as it can. 2b. The starting point to care for your natural hair is knowing your hair type, but more importantly—it’s porosity. The Slide Test. This Shea Moisture smoothie does wonders for your hair, especially high porosity hair. Use sealing oils and products to seal moisture into the cuticle after styling. The…, The vestibulocochlear nerve (sometimes referred to as the auditory nerve) is the eighth of twelve cranial nerves. The Nanoil High Porosity Control Hair Repair Oil helps restore hair vitality. 2c. See more ideas about Natural hair styles, High porosity hair, Hair care. Typically, this will involve using hair care products that include “heavier” ingredients like oils or butters. When treating high porosity hair, it's best to adopt the LCO method—liquid or leave-in conditioner, cream, oil, which refers to the sequence the products are … I try not to miss either step. Curly Hair Styling Products that Include Protein for High Porosity Hair High porosity hair likes protein, so I include them in every washday, whether that’s in the shampoo, conditioner or stylers. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. These types of treatments can damage your cuticles, causing them to lift or separate. The porosity of your hair will also have a huge hand in what products your hair prefers and how it reacts to your techniques. This is high porosity hair. Because of the low protein, the hair strand is not very strong. This inexpensive jar of coconut and shea mixture will help with locking in hydration and restoring your hair’s natural sheen. Depending on your hair’s texture this intense moisture treatment is great for stay-with-you hydration. There are two important steps in my hair care regimen that’s crucial to lock in moisture. Consider Protein Treatments. Using deep conditioning products that balance moisture and protein will go a long way in helping your highly porous hair. Your hair’s porosity largely impacts the types of products your hair needs and how it handles styling techniques. If you have high porosity hair, it means that water, oils, and other types of products can be easily absorbed by your hair. The moisture will reduce the dryness that comes with high porosity hair, as the protein will heal breakage and split ends. If the hair is chemically processed (lightened, relaxed, keratin treatment, etc,) or thermally damaged, it could cause the strands to have high porosity. Once moisturized, low-po hair tends to retain moisture much longer than higher porosity hair. • Curls often look and feel dry. If you want to know what types of products and ingredients tend to work well for high porosity hair, here are some suggestions. Apply deep conditioning treatment (Aunt Jackie’s Fix My Hair Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque is a good option) and be sure to add heat. To understand hair porosity, it helps to know a bit about the hair’s structure. This can be done by putting your hair in a plastic cap and sitting under a hooded dryer, using a steamer, or even wrapping your head in a towel to create a warm sensation. Deep conditioner for high porosity hair. on the hair could lead you to believe that the hair has low porosity as the build-up is preventing moisture absorption. This article explores what it means to have a good…. If the hair shaft feels smooth, however, you have low porosity, and any moisture can’t get through the tightly closed cuticle cells. Caring for High Porosity Hair Regular Protein Treatments. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. HACK! I make it at home. Regular use of the oil also restores hair bounce. THICK, HIGH POROSITY HAIR: use as a leave-in. Meaning do you have highly porous hair or low porosity hair. 1. Melt a tablespoon in the microwave and apply evenly. Posted by 6 months ago. I also do protein treatments every few months (read more about those here !) My Current 2C-3A Curly Hair Products. Because of the low protein, the hair strand is not very strong. My hair is still currently transitioning, FYI. High porosity hair has gaps in the hair shaft because of the cuticles being raised. If your hair is very porous, it will lose water faster than hold it in. Here are 10 good products for high porosity hair: Images. While curly girls with high porosity hair often notice their curls are harsh to the touch after just applying a moisturizing product, because the hydration absorbs too quickly. People with high porosity hair struggle to retain moisture so it’s important to use products that help to seal in moisture. Well-formulated shea, coconut and mango butters can be good for high porosity hair. You just have to be very diligent with getting moisture into your hair shaft and in the right manner. Find help with your hair, recommendations on products, technique advice... anything to … Press J to jump to the feed. If you want to get a better understanding of highly porous hair, how to care for it, and the types of products to use, this article may have the answers you’re looking for. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 3b. We know, hard to believe! Check out a previous blog post we wrote on the topic and then check back in here to find the right products for your hair care routine! A raised cuticle means your hair easily absorbs moisture and is high porosity. Do you have 2 minutes in your wash day to spare? If you don’t already know, low porosity hair is hard to absorb moisture and products tend to sit on the hair. Causing it to feel dry and un-moisturized. I have a variety of waves/curls ranging from 2A-2C, although about 75% of my hair is classified as 2b hair.. My hair is also fine, thin, and has low porosity. However all reviews, thoughts and recommendations are of our own. If the hair has high porosity, that means that the cuticle is open and rough. Your relationship with food is personal and unique, and keeping it healthy requires regular work. If you need … The products recommended in this article are the best shampoos, daily conditioners, deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners for high porosity hair. Luckily, here, both Smith and Hill share their favorite products for high-porosity hair. This way, your hair will be perfectly moisturized but not greasy and weighed down as it could be if you used a leave-in conditioner for the liquid stage. Product build-up (especially silicones, heavy oils, heavy butters, etc.) If your hair is in good condition, yet tends to get easily weighed down, you may do fine with a wash day that is comprised of shampoo, and then a cream-based leave-in. Additionally, it may take some time before you notice a significant difference. Deep conditioning treatments are especially helpful for adding moisture, nourishment, and softness to highly porous hair. Use this product during twist outs for ultra-defined twist and curls that feel supple and moisturized. Protein helps to strengthen hair by filling in gaps in the hair shaft, and moisture hydrates hair and brings parched curls back to life. Products for high porosity hair should do a good job of increasing moisture, decreasing frizz, fortifying your weak strands and reducing tangles. Depending on how porous your hair is, it may be classified as having high, medium, or low porosity. Before you rush out to invest in your next lot of moisturizing hair products, take a minute to discover your hair’s porosity level! In addition to using nourishing, hydrating hair care products, the following tips may help cut down on hair breakage. This product is enriched with the richness of shea butter to keep your hair frizz-free, smooth, and defined. High porosity hair also needs lots of protein. How To Find The Right Protein Treatments for High Porosity Hair (Shayla at And bottom line is: When "IN THE KNOW" Naturalistas like you bookmark so that you don't forget and miss out later, you stay winning and getting the NEW info before the pack comes rumbling through all late. Restore your hair while you wash, with this sulfate free hydrating shampoo made specifically for damaged or severely dry hair. A tight cuticle means your hair is relucant to absorb moisture and is low porosity. Characteristics of High Porosity Curly Hair • Curls easily absorb water, however, it requires more products. We include products we think are useful for our readers. It can also look frazzled and feel dry and coarse. Low porosity means that your hair is not able to absorb moisture very well and high porosity means your hair is capable of taking in a lot of water and product. Experts explain high-porosity and low-porosity hair characteristics and what products to choose if you have either. Is LCO or LOC Method Best for Medium Porosity Hair? Some products to add to your beauty basket include: Highly porous hair is often prone to breakage that can keep your hair from growing. Evenly distribute products on your hair. If you're somewhere in the middle you are normal porosity. Testing your hair's porosity is as simple as taking a few strands and dropping them into a glass of water. Causing it to feel dry and un-moisturized. High Porosity- Living Proof Restore Shampoo, High Porosity- Shea Moisture Seal Co-Wash, High Porosity- Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Serum, High Porosity- Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture Seal Masque. Before you get to my recommended products, make sure you’ve got the right tips and techniques for maintaining and styling your hair. I use FSG. If your hair continues to break or lacks moisture, talk to your stylist about ways you can improve your hair’s texture and overall health. Jamaican Black Castor Oil. • Curls dry quickly. Tips for High Porosity Hair: Use products with protein and moisture. By understanding your hair porosity, you can take steps to ensure that you’re managing it correctly and using products and ingredients that are well-suited to your hair. 2B-2C, fine, high high high density, low-medium porosity products. This is down to a damaged hair shaft, causing it to absorb moisture and swell as a result, meaning that your hair has high porosity. Log in sign up. If the cuticles are too close together, it can prevent moisture from being soaked up. A moisturizing shampoo like our Babassu Mint Conditioning Shampoo will improve the strength and elasticity of dry, high-porosity hair thanks to almond protein and babassu oil. The As I Am Coconut CoWash makes the list of good products for high porosity hair because it is a deeply moisturizing product that cleanses the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. The oval window, also known as the fenestra ovalis, is a…, The auricularis anterior muscle is located between the ear and the eye. The posterior auricular artery emerges at the back of the jaw…. Here are some examples of conditioners that may be especially helpful for highly porous hair. 2. Effectively nourish your hair with this serum, made up of mostly black castor oil, so it will get the job done! Conditioners that contain butters and oils may help seal the gaps in the cuticle and provide a protective layer. I'm still working on my routine but for products I do really like: sulfate free shampoo: I really like Shea Moisture Curl and Shine shampoo. After figuring out my hair porosity level, my mission was finding the best products that would work for my low porosity hair. I try not to miss either step. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. How well does your hair retain moisture? However, the moisture is not easily retained in the hair," says Alicia Bailey. THIN, LOW POROSITY HAIR: use as a pre-poo. This is known as low porosity. Fine, Low-Density High Porosity Hair Remember that high porosity hair tends to get wet quickly, stretches out when it's wet, absorbs products easily, tangles easily, is easily over moisturized, and is more prone to dryness. If you have high porosity hair, it means that water, oils, and other types of products can be easily absorbed by your hair. All natural hair is not created equal. This helps you get the most out of the products you’re using. This can create gaps between your cuticles and, as a result, your hair may be more porous than it would normally be. That’s why if you have low porosity hair, you want to make sure you’re using the right products for your hair type. This can lead to hair that’s dry, frizzy, and prone to tangles and breakage. Folks with high-porosity hair have cuticles that are raised and open (like a hole-y sponge), meaning they lose moisture fast and require extra-hydrating oils and creams to prevent dry, frizzy curls. Now that you’ve got the 411 on low, normal and high porosity hair, it’s time to get armed with the right care for your hair. Try this deeply penetrating reconstructor to hydrate while also reversing any damage. Apr 18, 2020 - Products that my hair loves. Here is my monthly Hair regimen. Remember the types of products that best suit your hair are heavily determined by your hair’s porosity level, or how porous your hair is. High porosity hair is easily damaged. OPEN MEEEE PLEASE :) Hey Beauties!!! 1. Soooo excited to bring another updated regimen video for you guys to check out. I struggle with liking the way my hair looks and I think us wavys are always wushing for more curl or straight hair so we don't have all this frustration. A good deep conditioner for high porosity hair is the Sheamoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque*. I would never use this test as the only way to test hair porosity. Doing this simple routine on a daily basis is all you need to maintain moisturized hair in between wash days.