Visually, you can distinguish the ATR by its solid black shell and the ATE by its translucent black shell. Sure you don’t get the aluminum finish, but soundwise, for me, it’s a league over. In my opinion its even a better deal than ZS5 at 17-20 usd. Unfortunately, KZ doesn’t provide any case or pouch with the ZS5. keep writing Gud Luck! Maybe. KZ ATE, ZS5, ZS10, ZST LIBRATONE™ Q-Adapt LG® Tone Pro HBS-780, Tone Ultra+ HBS Series: 820, A100 Tone Active+,820S Tone Ultra+ LSTN The Bowerys M-AUDIO™ IE Series: 10, 20XB, 30, 40 MEE AUDIO® Metro2 MEZE 11 Classic 2.0, 11 Neo, 12 Classics MIIEGO AL5, AL7 MOTOROLA S11-FLEX-HD, SF200, VerveLoop+ MPOW® Cheetah, Jaws, Magento MRICE® E300 MUNITIO™ SV NHT C2 Premium … These earphones will excel at any genre you'll throw at them! Instead of the original configuration (1 BA in the nozzle and 1 BA in the main cavity of the ZS5 shell) KZ has now chosen to place both BA's in the nozzle. Fastidious answer back in return of this matter with genuine arguments and describing everything regarding that. I would admit that these aren't the most comfortable ones, as their shape has nothing ergonomic about it, it's blocky and has sharp edges. (Hey KZ Fans: Check out our review of the new KZ ZSX Terminator!It’s probably the best KZ IEM out right now!). The KZ ZS5 have nice looking housing that despite their substantial size they do not feel bulky or heavy, the earpieces are made of plastic which makes them lightweight but still sturdy. Nanotechnos still collects all gear he gets, even his first MPMAN MP3 player. Extra Bass version available, ok price, already have the improved bluetooth, let's go!Definitely very similar sound to the (very nice) ZS5, clear mids and highs, great soundstage. A basic design and the housings are made of plastic. An electronic crossover is provided to divide tasks between the three drivers unlike some earlier models (Zs5/Zs6) which were hard-wired between the drivers. The KZ ZS6 are probably KZ's highest quality earphones, both in terms of build quality and sound quality. They have deep bass, yet aren’t boomy. I chose to think it is the former and that KZ is making headway in improving their IEMs as we have seen several recently (As10, As06) that follow this trend. Or that’s what KZ says… The KZ ZS5 we are reviewing today comes directly from this catalog, the IEM sitting under the ZS6 (2BA+2DD) and the ES4 (1BA+1DD). The fit is a different than the KZ ZS5 and KZ ZS6 due to the smaller enclosure and a change in the angle of the nozzle. Entire details were given with easy to understand words. In the ZS6, both BA’s are positioned next to each other near the nozzle. However, the provided ear tips are quite uncomfortable. The bass is too much, the highs are screaming and the mids are hollow. Nonetheless, you can find them on various web stores : aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon or even some store like Tainghe. Package size (L x W x H): 4.1 x 2.76 x 1.26 inches What’s in the box. I find them to be alright for my budget. I recently paired my kz zs5 (v1) with venture electronics Odyssey and it sounds out of this world. Sure, they are a bit bulky and lack the outward shininess of metal but in exchange they are hard to scratch. Detachable cable, which extends the lifespan of these earphones. If you experience issues regarding Amazon Fire Stick device you can contact our experts or visit our website – Let’s find out. Some well-tuned peaks in the upper-highs are responsible for those pleasant high-pitched notes you can hear in the background. KZ has become a serious brand, and their latest ZS5's sound quality absolutely blows away most of the earphones on AudioBudget, if not all of them. Unless you’re wearing tacky clothes, this IEM should never be an issue on your daily routine. The bass is quite balanced and just a bit subdued. A nerdy guy with a passion for audio and gadgets, he likes to combine his DAC and his swiss knife. You are a good blogger pls keep it up. ø10mm + ø6.4mm Dynamic Drivers + 2 × B.A. KZ now offers a full range of IEMs, from the mono driver such as the ED9 to the KZ-ZS10 using five drivers per ear. Reply. The pungent dialogue at least frequently proves painfully realistic, such as when Nick, asked by Mona to meet the actress who will be portraying her in the play, responds by offering a deal. Item Weight 2.71 ounces Package Dimensions 4.06 x 2.91 x 1.22 inches ASIN B075D9R4LW Item model number KZ ZS6 Customer Reviews: 4.0 out of 5 stars 109 ratings. I really like your blog. what do you think about ZS5 at 25 usd vs ZS10 at 32 usd? Maybe for first time I will be using EQ to turn DOWN the bass, though. It doesn't leak into the mids at all, almost as if the bass is completely separate from anything above low frequencies. Hope this comment…, Looking forward to taking my 650's and JH's to the next level. I don't have an iPhone for compatibility check. The large size of the earbuds pose problems for some people with small ear sizes when used continuously for long amounts of time at a stretch. The official website in english is: Instruments are properly separated, even though the soundstage doesn't seem to be exceptionally large. A few instances of sibilance, especially if you're not used to the sound signature yet. Extraordinary blog thanks for sharing such superb blog with us ,after significant time-frame ran over such knowledgeable blog. Select your earphone model below to find your compatible Comply™ tips: To be honest for the price these sell at they are very hard to beat. A win-win situation ! This wire design stays the same in … Already have a KZ ZS5, but wanted to see what the ZS6 was all about. Thanks for sharing such a useful post. Discover over 213 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. Keep on writing this type of great stuff. I mean, two cables aren’t that common even with pricier IEMs. Again, for the price, it’s really amazing to get this kind of package. These KZ buds offer decent insulation and comfort but I find that they don’t sit attached to the nozzles well and tend to slip off easily. For the the soundstage and bass of the KZ ZS6 is really good! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The current price is 25$. I hope this amp synergizes with HD650, and luck will come to me with this give away, Hi, can you make a comparison between Chord Hugo TT2 and Burson Conductor 3X? The mids are highly impressive, considering the fact that neither the lows nor the highs were sacrificed in the process of designing these earphones. KZ or Knowledge Zenith is a very discrete brand, so discrete that they don’t even have an official website, I think. No way this is actually better than what it pretends to be, Cheaper, yes. However, since the ZSN is relatively new (in my knowledge), I am unable to find the supported size for new ear tips. KZ is even offering some quality cables or a bluetooth/USB-C option for the new smartphones. However, for a small extra fee, you can get yourself a much better cable. What version of the KZ ZS5 is this? The sound quality is very good, and considering the price, I would have to say excellent. Get a pair of KZ ZS5. The back of the IEM stays put inside your ear and never did I feel any discomfort or pain, even with the weird shape. what would you pick? If you face any issues then read Fallout 4 Won’t Launch On The PC Blog to get the best solution by the experts. If you want to take your KZ ZS5 to the higher grounds, you can get a whole load of accessories online. When the KZ ZSN IEM came out, many reviewers including myself, immediately put it at the top of Knowledge Zenith earphone lineup.It improved upon the KZ formula in many ways, starting with build quality. The gem in ED series that you haven’t tried is the KZ Ed16. Package size (L x W x H): 4.1 x 2.76 x 1.26 inches What’s in the box. Skysurfer, Unfortunately I currently do not own the KZ ZS5 so I can’t compare them. It doesn’t have to be. If you’re used to IEMs, it’s pretty simple to plug in you monitors: you put the nozzle in your ear, the cable above your ear, a little twist “et voila !”. The mids and highs are not recessed at all and are highly detailed. I’ve tested these buds on all four Z-series earphones that I own — the ZS3, ZST, ZS5 and ZS6 and the buds slip off easily on all of them. I am using it with my baby HiBy R3 … Plenty of fun, thanks for the review !!! It’s a thick cable but in exchange you get low to none microphonics. Copyright © 2015-2020 Igor Eisberg. KZ ZS5 Detachable HiFi Earphones Main Features: Integrated 2 dynamic unit and 2 balanced armatures units for each side earbud, provide wider … I imagine that size would work for ZS10 as well, but you might have to verify that. The ED series is the entry level range of the brand, 5-10$ IEM. KZ ZSN Ear Tip Size. Voila! I always enjoy a good review of the more budget friendly options on the market so thanks for this one! You are very likely to get "ZS5 v2" if you ordered a pair after late August. But most of all, he loves music: electro, classical, dubstep, Debussy : the daily playlist. Specifications. Once you hold them in your hand, it’s a different story though. Because of the emphasis in the upper-mids/lower-highs, there seem to be some instances of sibilance, so keep the volume level adequate to avoid any unwanted piercing notes. Yes. woooo i love this artical and i have bater headphone in a bater price Where Campfire Audio use aluminium and steel for their units (when it’s not some Ceratoke) KZ use one of the mightiest material in the world. Our toll-free number is accessible throughout the day and night for the customer if they face any technical issue in Printers.Printer Customer Support Arizona. To be honest, there is only one IEM in this category : the KZ AS10 with 5 balanced drivers per ears. The ATE is available in sport version : the ATES, and the ATR is available in an even more entry-level version : the HD9 with a cheaper construction but a beautiful white color. Plastic (matte), ø5mm nozzles (ø4mm bores), Silicone (grippy), 127cm, soft, mildly bent, memory-wire ear loops, TPE, 90° angled, short, soft strain relief. I mainly used the crystal cable and was really surprised by the absence of microphonics. They have deep bass, yet aren't boomy. An amp like this demands high quality headphones - ordinary ones just won't work with it, it could be dangerous, it'll set the place on fire. Fortunately, the nozzle is pretty standard and once you shoe some tips, it fits easily in the ear. KZ earbuds are really making a run at becoming a very popular brand, and that's great for us because so many people want to replace the KZ OEM ear tips with our products. All trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners. An alternative option exist but it seems like the embedded DAC suffers from serious limitations. The nozzles don’t hold non-KZ eartips very well; KZ are still using that pesky memory wire on their cables; Buy on: This sample was provided for the purpose of an honest review. The review continues on Page two, after the click HERE or by using the jump below. These earphones' configuration was indeed well designed, but might be underwhelming for many. Sorry to say but the fact of the matter is that you can’t delete Cash App transaction history. Commonly, cheap + hybrid + chi-fi doesn’t equal success but KZ proves me wrong withe the ZS5. A great writer is always put facts and describe everything according to the readers point of view, your post is easy to understand . I bought the KZ ZS5 (V2) with the balanced armatures butted right against the nozzle and they sound…awful! KZ Bluetooth Module IPX5, transforming the KZ5 in a bluetooth inear. The Great Pretender, he burrows further into this aesthetic, creating one of modern American cinema’s great not-quite-romances. They are currently my favorite KZ earphones, and I even prefer them over my ZS5.The ZS6 are louder and much easier to drive, and the overall sound balance seems to have been improved. Thanks for posting this kind of information. Also, their bass is slightly boomy and muddy while their mid-range is a bit recessed and will, therefore, sound slightly hollow on vocals and lead instruments. ABS Resin storage, It’s sturdy, small and cost less than a coffee… I’ll get a box of ten please . He likes spreadsheets, technical specs and all this amazing(ly boring) numbers. Nor is it a bass cannon for the ‘only-EDM’ crowd. Hi all, I have a pair of KZ ZSN in-ear monitors. The quality and the design is too good.I was thinking this to be a small piece of magnet. Overall, for the price (again) it’s pretty hard to fault and the KZ ZS5 is a great contender. The KZ ZSN have a deep, powerful, and consistent bass, and a well-balanced mid-range, but their treble performance is very uneven, lacking detail and overly sharp on some S and T sounds. 1 x KZ ZS5 Earphones 2 x Earbud tips(2 pairs, S/L) 1 x User manual. It helped me a lot. A win would make me so happy. But it is simply awesome. A quick list of what caught my eye : I was a bit perplex the first time I held the KZ ZS5 in my hand, the angular shape of the shell didn’t look ergonomic at all. I would have liked an extra pair of tips as the sleek nozzle makes them easy to lose, but that’s me being picky. A true bargain ? According to reports from users, this setup introduces noticeable sibilance to the sound. 1 x KZ ZS6 Earphones 2 x Earbud tips(2 pairs, S/L) 1 x User manual Product information Size:Without Mic | Color:Black. KZ has become a serious brand, and their latest ZS5’s sound quality absolutely blows away most of the earphones at this price range, and can even beat the bigger and more expensive ones also. OMG….. Kann to Mojo to Portaphile Micro through the first upgrade cable suggestion above. In the ZS5, one balanced armature (BA) is positioned near the nozzle while another one is positioned deeper in the chamber and closer to the two dynamic drives. Choose to replace your missing ear tips with these 100% silicone ear tips for KZ earphones, or choose anything under the "Size 4" link on our home page. How that makes a difference at a personal level will vary by user. I was surprised too when I reviewed it, but across the whole spectrum it’s more even, more consistent and simply… better. Any particular or all past transactions occurred on Cash App couldn’t be edited in any way. There is 1x Low / 1x Mid/High / 1x Mid / 2X High and KZ says the “Low frequency BA unit specially designed for AS10, can be comparable to the bass texture and strength of DD unit”. For what it's worth, I compared the New Bee tips to my Comply foam tips and I couldn't tell a difference in sound. While the shape is reminiscent of the ZS6’s, the colours are clearly new. No additional accessories, like a shirt clip or a carrying case, considering the price tag. I like a clear vocals, deep impactful non muddy bass and energetic non piercing highs and the KZ ZS5 v1 (one ba in nozzle) is my favourite IEM so far which I prefer over KZ ATE Sport (less clarity) and KZ ZST (not enough deep bass and too bulky). Only the alternative option is to delete your Cash App account. I was listening to all kinds of music with these earphones for hours and I felt no hearing fatigue. As a echo owner I really wanna try this Elise. The only way to contact them directly though is their via their Facebook Page, or the official store on Aliexpress ! Personally, I couldn’t care less but you’ve been warned. I make sure to follow up on your blog in the future. Picture Sunday: iFi Audio Gemini & Mercury, 3x pairs of silicon tips and a comply foam pair, 1x microphone cable (pretty useful indeed), 1x silver coated copper cable, without a microphone, KZ 1.2m Oxygen Free Copper cable, also found on the Mee Audio Pinnacle P1. My only complains would be the design (especially from a comfort standpoint), the materials used for the housing, and the included cable, which is very basic but better than the common gut-looking cable KZ have been using. The ZS series is the one getting all the heat : hybrid balanced/dynamic ears offering high-end performances for a fraction of the price. KZ ZS10 Pro "The ZS10 Pro is a great IEM. You really have to try for yourself . For more info:-Cash app Transaction History. Who says that ZS5 v2 sounds bad should wash his ears or replace It in case is a defective sample, actually It sounds better than any other KZ I have tested, included the KZ ZS5 v1, and I have tested almost all KZ except the latest ZS7, BA10, ZSN, AS06, in these days I should receive ZS7. All the rest connect through Moon Cables silver dragon and black dragon. KZ is a Chinese IEM company that specializes in making budget grade earphones, and is well known for their high-value offerings. Their non-detachable cable can be a problem for some users, but considering their price for me it’s not a real issue. … just bought two pairs (ZS5 & 6) and I can not believe what I am hearing in terms of sound quality – highs taken consciously !!! First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room : Yes the KZ ZS5 really looks like the Campfire Audio IEM. There is a slight gap between the faceplate and the outer shell, which could be a deal breaker for some OCD audiophiles. Basically, it’s the same type of inear you get when you order a smartphone, so I don’t expect much of it. Overall, the design of the ZSX is unique, clean and very well put together. Available around ~65$, I’d be pretty curious to hear it as most 5 driver IEM available can cost nearly 10 to 20 times more. The ZS6 is also an “open” IEM which means it has aluminum chambers that feature grilled vents at the rear to allow air pressure to escape when the … Head - Fi : I am quite surprised by what KZ. Product information Color:Grey. 2020 popular 1 trends in Consumer Electronics with Kz Zs5 Cable and 1. I already have the 3X, but quite tempted to upgrade to the TT2. KZ has become a serious brand, and their latest ZS5's sound quality absolutely blows away most of the earphones on AudioBudget, if not all of them. It’s a cheap, great-sounding, hybrid IEM. Putting it short, these are one of those earphones you just must have! Like many others, I liked what I heard and was hooked into the fun world of KZ IEMs. Headfonia "If you're looking for a lively, dynamic, energetic sound with plenty of details - these have it all - there's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing these BLONs." The AS series from KZ include balanced armature earphones only. They have deep bass, yet aren't boomy. I am not impressed with the comfort either. BLOG: The Fav Album Of…. continue sharing such enlightening site with us. A kind of audio-holic. Hello, I fixed my pair by opening them and cutting one of the wires that goes to the BA treble drivers, which essentially disables one of the BA drivers. While comfortable at first, a feeling of being pushed emerges with time. Product Dimensions 3.94 x 1.18 x 2.76 inches Item Weight 2.29 ounces ASIN B072BZSQ28 Item model number KZ ZS5 Customer Reviews : 3.9 out of 5 stars 356 ratings. The whole range gets detachable cables, hybrid design, a 3D printed shell and various colors. Thank you so much. There is no such option available in the application or site of Cash App that can let you customize your Cash App payment statement. The sharp angular edges dig into my ears. It isn’t a scalpel for critical listening. The mids and highs are not ressesed at all and are highly detailed. Top Produit Kba pas cher sur Aliexpress France ! Maybe I will win something more valuable than couple of Matchbox cars when I was a kid. The real magic happens in the cart, as even their flagship doesn’t cost more than… 70$ !!! Disclaimer : The KZ ZS5 was sent to us by, a Vietnamese store, in exchange of this review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Instead of the original configuration (1 BA in the nozzle and 1 BA in the main cavity of the ZS5 shell) KZ has now chosen to place both BA's in the nozzle. I’ve heard from several people they found the KZ ZS6 slightly better. I like your blog post. Actually… it is ! I like to read your blog this is so amazing and informative. KZ made them sonically different with a bass-oriented ATR, whereas the ATE is supposed to be Hifi-minded thanks to a better coating and a pure copper driver. I have to say that either KZ really listened to the feedback from the Zs5 and Zs6 when designing the Zs7 or this is the happiest accident for KZ yet. The shell is light and feels really sturdy, you could put it in your bag, without any protection, and find them at the end of the day fully unharmed. You could use the box as a case though, it’s light and portable, somehow. I started with the ZS5 version 1, which has a very fun, if not overly-refined sound signature. Shop the top 25 … Maybe there is some hidden gems inside, but who knows ! The volume buttons work on Android devices. But better? Nice give away! I am an audiophile, jazz collector, gadget crazy music maker and consumer. All rights reserved. The content of your post is appreciatable …. Help Request. shreyans November 21, 2017 at 1:18 pm. Aluminum IEM nozzle and rear faceplate; Revised 2-pin jack (now known as the Para C plug) Upgraded cable (braided, thicker, no more memory wire) Upgraded dynamic drivers (titanium plated) The addition of a passive crossover circuit; The ZSN was a major hit, and Knowledge Zenith (KZ) sold loads of them. Really I like your article it is easy to reading. I wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors. As I briefly mentioned in the introduction, there is no doubt KZ placed a bet on design being somewhat distinctive: the shells, made of aluminium, are two-toned in black and red, a fact that makes them noticeable and sets them apart from the rest of KZ’s line-up. Learn how your comment data is processed. The vocals are clear and upfront, emphasized but not exaggerated. Even after more than 10 years of experience, They sound great now. The 2-pin socket allows you to plug virtually any high-end cable or one of the KZ official cables. The only problem of ZS5 is the cheap and fragile case, for some reason ZS6 has a quality case with same configuration but doesn’t sound as good (significantly less soundstage), I hope ZS7 could offer a better experience. The shape is similar, the angles are similar and, if not for the bolt, at a regular distance you’d need an eagle vision to distinguish them. In spite of that, for 25 bucks you get a good bundle, I think. The nozzle tips are a shiny silver metal construction (unlike the gold color of the ZS10 Pro) but they do share the same small circular-holed silver screen of the ZS10 Pro. If you're watching this (Kz) Knowledge Zenith. In fact, for a sub $50 earphone these are really very good. For what it's worth, I compared the New Bee tips to my Comply foam tips and I couldn't tell a … This is NOT a Kz zs5 Review this is just a my thoughts video on them.. so sorry if you felt baited by the thumbnail. Kind regards, Chris, I would love to try a tube and win one even more. – Headfonia Lieven. And so today, we are reviewing the KZ ZS5, a four driver hybrid IEM 2BA+2DD, available for no more than 25$. Performs exceptionally good even on weak sources, like a smartphone. Metal bodies, nozzles and wax guards plus the inclusion of detachable cables are all welcome additions. Apparently, KZ arbitrarily decided to rearrange the BAs and placed both of them inside the nozzle, this is known as "ZS5 v2". NOTE: This review discusses "ZS5 v1", with a single BA in the nozzle and the other one inside the housing. Who says that ZS5 v2 sounds bad should wash his ears or replace It in case is a defective sample, actually It sounds better than any other KZ I have tested, included the KZ ZS5 v1, and I have tested almost all KZ except the latest ZS7, BA10, ZSN, AS06, in these days I should receive ZS7. Buy KZ ZS5 Detachable HiFi Earphones at cheap price online, with Youtube reviews and FAQs, we generally offer free shipping to Europe, US, Latin America, Russia, etc. That's what I'm planning…, BLOG: The Fav Album Of…. Might seem just a bit too bright in the beginning, but after a few minutes of hearing adjustment, the highs become bright and delicate, with high emphasis on brilliance and detail. Livraison rapide Produits de qualité à petits prix Aliexpress : Achetez malin, vivez mieux One supposed to become even rarer than gold in a few years : plastic. All these points attractively encourage each other to affirm That dependence upon our assistance and proficiency will surely help to come from the deep waters over one simple call. KZ has been updating the 22955 driver and the version in the AS06 has supposedly been updated even since the release of the AS10 so while the two are similar, they are not exactly alike. Even more so if you order them in blue ! The KZ ZSN PRO headphones are designed in a manner that the cable is to be kept over the ear and through the back like Bluetooth earphones. Without a doubt, the KZ ZS6 are the companies most well-made model to date. Putting them inside the ears isn't straightforward and takes some getting used to. The AT series is made of dynamic earphones, two models precisely : the KZ ATR (review available) and the KZ ATE. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product. – Headfonia Store aka Michael Ting! The only places where you could see some real flaws, are the socket as the edges can appear a little rough and some shards may be visible. The KZ ZS5 double dynamic driver earphones are such and incredible earphones from KZ. The unit is available in two colors, each one displaying the internal plate used for frequency crossover. The KZ ZS5 is pretty simple in its build, there are only 3 main components : – the outer shell where all the driver fit – the faceplate, glued to the outer shell – the plastic nozzle where the balanced driver fit. “KZ-ZSX” and “Right” or “Left” are printed near the nozzle in a stylized font. The plastics material is not (or at least does not feels like) the same of the KZ ZST, KZ ED12, KZ ZS3, KZ ZST PRO but conserves a good quality construction feel.