Ksarak Arak. Today, over 100 years later, this family's descendants perpetuate the traditions of the Lebanese mountain by producing with the same method and according to the same formula that rare arak bearing the name of Arak Fakra, a name inspired by a prestigious site of that mountain situated at an altitude of more then 1500 meters. This item is available for Gift Wrap. Arak de Kefraya is a white alcohol, in which the very best French distillation methods are matched with Lebanese tradition. Gantous & Abou Raad Lebanese Arak 750mL. Shipping info for ShopSK . Feb 5, 2019 - Explore Rock Man's board "Lebanese Food & Arak" on Pinterest. Find the best Lebanese Liquor at Total Wine & More. Boom, simple. Quick view Choose … -Producer . Get email notification for articles from Ronit Vered Follow. The best homemade Arak, Syrian or Lebanese, ... Well, Abu Fares, I thought of you today. Quick view Choose Options. 99 Bottle . Galilee Arak: Lebanese-style, but Strictly Kosher . $21.99. Order Safely and Securely Online Today Served with water and ice." The spirit is distilled to release the purest arak, which is then aged for two years in clay jars. 750ML, Lebanon. See more ideas about Lebanese recipes, Food, Middle eastern recipes. Arak Wardy. The alcohol of this traditional and first-class Lebanese araq Arak Wardy is obtained from Obeidi, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Ouzo Barbayanni BLUE 750mL. $ 11.99 Arak Shellelet Zahle 750ML. This delicious white spirit has been made in Lebanese villages for centuries. Careers About Us Drizly cities Gifts FAQ Press Store Finder Get in touch. Askalon Arack Special 80 Proof 750mL. Gantous & Abou Raad Arak 500ml. $19.99. Subscribe to stock alerts . This Arak is distilled even a fourth time, to obtain a limpid liquid right after it has been fused with the the aniseed of Syria, which is know to be the best in the world. Then get it delivered in under 60 minutes. Recently the Lebanese nightclubs started ‘having fun’ with Arak and mixing it with cocktails! please note that we only deliver in ontario / vous devez avoir au moins 19 ans pour acheter de l'alcool. On sale! $21.99. "ARAK FAKRA" was born from an Arak distillery founded in the early eighteenth century in Kfardebian by a noble Lebanese family of Mount Lebanon whose members were Consuls of France and Venice. It is produced in a specially-designed alembic still using an innovative technique to assure that only the heart of the distillate, the real "pure flower", is used. The Lebanese wine industry exports more than half of its products primarily to the UK, the USA and France. Order online, pick up in store, or enjoy local delivery. Arak Haddad Silver is a special smooth blend famous in the Mediterranean east coast and is designed to be enjoyed straight without water. Therefore, the flavor and aroma is distinctively clean and bright. Arak el Rif superior quality triple dry is 100% old lebanese rare arak. According to Lebanese rules, arak must come from white grapes, typically using lesser-known native varieties Obeidy or Merwah. At the Hadid distillery in the Christian village of Meilya, the licorice-flavored drink is brewed according to an ancient Lebanese method. About. Lebanese Fine Wines Ltd supplies a wide range of Lebanese Wines that are sourced from vineyards that would not necessarily be found by larger chains and ensure that the customer appreciates the different qualities that each product has to offer. $539.88 Dozen Sold Out. $22.99. Published on 26.07.2012. Arak Cave Kouroum. Domaine Wardy then distills the alcohol three times with fresh aniseed seeds in copper stills with double boiler (bain-marie). First Lebanese mall of Lebanese food, products and arabic food from the best suppliers in Lebanon and the Middle East. Mix Arak with water (it will turn white) and serve it in a traditional small glass with an ice cube. 41,76 € 31,19 € pro ... Fun with Arak – Cocktails! If you are interested, some of the recipes below! We specialize in beverages crafted by ancient methods with modern elements. Share in WhatsApp. Payment options. Quick view Choose Options. Even those who are not used to this spirit might find that Zumot brand Arak is much more drinkable than some other brands. Versandkosten Add to cart. Send flowers to Lebanon. Arak Ksarak "The outstanding example of arak, Lebanon’s national drink, is made with the finest grape alcohol, to which aniseed from the Al Heenah area of Mount Hermon (considered the finest aniseed in the world) is added. Please enter your email address to receive stock alerts for this product: Submit . Quick view Choose Options. 24th August, 2015. Zumot makes some very smooth varieties of Arak. Pairs well with mezza. $25.99. Bottles of arak or araq distilled spirit bearing the image of Rambam, a medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher and Rabbi for sale in Tiberias Israel Jerusalem, Israel. Add to cart. Quick view Choose Options. El Massaya Arak is an exceptional Lebanese spirit, produced with the finest ingredients using traditional, labor-intensive methods. Manufactured of 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum ; Graceful complex curves show off the attention to detail and machining. It is a Lebanese company that produces a few different bottles of Arak, many of which have a lighter taste than their counterparts. Fakra and Gantous & Abou Raad companies. veuillez noter que … Arak Sannine is the national Lebanese beverage. I was at the liquor store and decided to see if there was any Arak for sale. Share in Facebook. Selected from the finest grapes and aniseed, Arak undergoes four distillations to ensure optimal purity. We would also love to hear if you have a special recipe, we can add it in here. Al Rayan Arak 750mL. The ARAK-21 XRS is a complete rifle system, including Faxon Firearms' custom AR-15 parts-compatible lower receiver* that matches the ARAK-21 perfectly. Produced by multiple distillations of grapes and green aniseeds, then aged in clay jars. Fully compatible with all AR-15 lower receiver parts kits. South Africa’s largest importers of Lebanese food and products from the best suppliers in Lebanon. Set-screw retained take-down pin spring for easy assembly. Ronit Vered. The arak of Chateau Ksara is a truly authentic expression of Lebanon's traditional, anise-flavored spirit. Published on 26.07.2012. Arak is a clear spirit flavoured with anise. Arak Brun 0,7L ... “Arak de Kefraya” is a result of modern distillation methods from France and the old Lebanese alcohol tradition. Araq chasers, a Levantine alcoholic spirit in the anis drinks family, are served as the Humus Shel Tehina, a local Jerusalem humus restaurant in the Nachlaot neighborhood, hosts a backgammon tournament. Alb de Ceptura 2015. Shop Arak. ABV 50% This longstanding favourite amongst Lebanese has been Lebanon's best selling arak for decades and won its first Medal at the 1981 Leipzig Fair in Germany. Mission Trails Wine & Spirits San Diego, CA - 888-317-5963 United States. Aldoukan was established in the late 1990’s and since inception we have used well know suppliers who only use high quality ingredients to supply the finest yet unpretentious products. Great prices, Excellent Service and Prompt Delivery UK and Europe Wide. Gantous & Abou Raad Arak is made with just three ingredients: grape spirit, aniseeds, and water. ARAK DE KEFRAYA. Gantous & Abou Raad Arak is Similar to ouzo and pastis, Arak is an anise-flavored, traditional libation in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern counties. The spirit is distilled to release the purest arak, … Online shopping and worldwide delivery of food from Lebanon and ingredients for Lebanese cuisine (baklawa, oriental sweets, bread, bakery, jam, herbs, spices, nuts, coffee, arabic movies, t-shirts). Domaine Wardy. Quick view Choose Options. Zahleh, LEBANON . Indigenous Obeidi grapes are fermented for about two weeks, then double distilled in traditional Moorish lid copper stills over vinewood embers. Product of Lebanon This is great for different food pairings both in and outside of Lebanon. Country. Indeed there was, but much to my disappointment (but not surprise) it was from Lebanon only. Lebanon (1) United States (1) State. Buy The best Arak available online in the UK from Touma Wardy and Kefraya. A Lebanese famous national drink extracted from the triple distillation of grape juice and flavored anis seeds. To confirm the recipient is over 18 years, valid photographic ID with a date of birth will be required upon delivery for all customers. Ouzo 12 750mL. Shipping information: This product is not available for delivery in the following states: AL, AK, AR, HI, IA, IL, KY, MS, PR, UT, VA, WV California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 WARNING. €20.00 (53,33 € pro Liter) Tax included zzgl. Another Lebanese winery which is worthy of note is IXSIR, whose wine inspired the renowned wine critic, Jean-Marc Quarin to give it the top grade ever awarded to a wine from Lebanon. Drizly / Liquor Brands / Arak; Arak (3 results) Sort by: Featured. The grapes are crushed and fermented and then distilled over a low fire using the best… More Info: Arak Cave Kouroum. Add to cart. It is served in small glasses with 50% Arak and 50% fresh water with ice cubes. Shipping info for Mission Trails Wine & Spirits . Beer Wine Liquor Extras. This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. Learn more about our Armenian brandy, wines & other products. you must be 19 years of age to purchase alcohol. Share in Twitter. Sale! Traditionally in Lebanon, Arak goes with mezze. Get the app. Arak de Kefraya is the only one which is distilled four times and from which methanol is taken out. ShopSK Los Angeles, CA - 833-746-7752 United States. Buy Arak Online. EFE Klasik Finest Turkish Raki 750mL . $44. The outstanding example of arak, Lebanon’s national drink, is made with the finest grape alcohol, to which aniseed from the Al Heenah area of Mount Hermon (considered the finest aniseed in the world) is added. The distillery is presently equipped with several traditional pot stills and numerous clay jars that give "ARAK FAKRA" its superior quality and premium taste so appealing to connoisseurs. Arak is the national Lebanese beverage. $24.99. Across the world it is known under various names such as raki in Turkey and ouzo in Greece. Explore our wide selection of the best brands from Lebanon such as Razzouk, El Massaya Arak, & More. Lebanese girls ride a jet ski at the beach in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre. Best served ice cold or with and ice cube, it goes well with m. More Info: Arak Haddad Silver 750ml. California (1) Follow us. On sale!