Hi Jonathan, thank you very much, really appreciate your support and feedback. Chaat is a word that is used to describe a huge variety of mostly savory snacks in India, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were thousands of different types of chaat. It is very inspiring. Although available in other nearby cities but the taste is not same as of Mumbai. Food like pav bhaji kathi roll pani Puri is that so good, I am from Mumbai and you pretty much nailed all the major street foods one must try here. But don’t want typical tour n travels. Traveling and trying out new food of that country are my favorite things to do in the world. Just like Paani Puri, Sev Batata Puri is served by the plate. Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and where you can eat it. Mumbai (Bombay) is a city best experienced through its diverse and delicious street food. Frankie is a spicy wrap or a roll that is stuffed with veggies, chutney, masalas and a whole lot of things. I am sure you will like it. April 19, 2016 at 1:48 am. The airlines want to project a professional image. Mumbai street food is as exciting as it is mouthwatering. Address: On the corner of Indravadan Oza and 6th road, very close to Juhu Beach. While you could, at one time, only get snacks, today hawkers have improvised and are now serving a variety of food that not only include snacks, but main courses, ice creams, and a few international cuisines. Hello mark, i’m a really big fan. Great tips. Do visit other places like New Delhi. Anna selling a plate of soft, fluffy idli or crispy medu vada drowning in a pool of coconut chutney and tangy sambhar is a common sight in various nook and corners of office areas in Mumbai. The filling for every Frankie Roll is made by the same company (Tibbs). Although it’s called Bombay duck (or bombil), it’s not really duck at all, but it’s a type of lizardfish. Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra guarantees a fun-filled experience for ... Navi Mumbai is the planned twin city of Mumbai. The grilled corn or Bhutta is a popular beach snack. Mumbai street food is unbelievable, overwhelming and doubly satisfying. These snacks range from recipes for pani puri to falooda and even vegetarian samosas! This board showcases Mumbai recipes India Mumbai street food . How do you find a ragda pattice vendor? As a retired employee of a Star Alliance, we are told to dress appropriately when flying. Thank you so much! You can go authentic, with the sada dosa, or spice it up with a potato filling, cheese or even chocolate! I would love to visit Hyderabad in the future. As soon as the vendor hands you one, you’ve got to eat it on spot immediately so the puri remains crunchy, and the spice filled water will collapse in your mouth with the potatoes and chickpeas. 30 to Rs. View Mumbai Street Food Videos, Recipes, Food Articles and explore more on Mumbai Street Food Famous ones are the Amar Juice Centre in Vile Parle, the Haji Ali Juice Centre in Worli and Badshah Falooda opposite Crawford Market. Hi Fahmi, you’re welcome, thank you for reading. Mumbai Tourism Mumbai Hotels Mumbai Bed and Breakfast Mumbai Vacation Rentals Mumbai Vacation Packages Flights to Mumbai Mumbai Restaurants Things to Do in Mumbai Mumbai Travel Forum Mumbai Photos This is not really a food, but I had to include it on this list because of its importance and dominance in the street food arena in India. If you’re like me, a sandwich isn’t the first thing that would come to mind when you’re thinking about Indian food. I've also included some of my personal travel eating tips and answered some of your top questions... like "Mark, how do you make money to travel?". Hey Mark, I work 10 minutes away from Girgaum Chowpatty and reading your article makes me want to go and have some sev puri right away. Rules for staff travel do not apply to other discounted or “free” tickets, be they frequent flyer or barter (exchange within a marketing agreement). Nice thanx for you share street food mumbai. Honestly i’ve never been thinking to go to Mumbai before. 1, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056, India You definitely do need to be careful eating street food in Mumbai, and something are not so healthy to eat all the time, especially things like serving off the paper. Also you should visit Delhi for another range of exciting street food! Capitol Hill. Among the vegetarian dishes of street food in Mumbai, Bhel Puri and Sev Puri are the most popular ones. After watching all videos m seriously thinking to plan for travelling. Thanks for the excellent article!! Cannot wait to drink a cup of Chai! Are these readily available in Mumbai? There are also some indian food store in Indonesia. Required fields are marked *. Share. I am new to Mumbai. I Love the rich of spicy india food.. The South Indian dish is popular Street food item in Mumbai. Mumbai street food breakfast. Misal Pav is served at small carts across the city, particularly those areas with a strong Maharashtrian population, such as Dadar and Lalbaug. Next time you are in India plz try to visit in konkan, Goa & try traditional konkani food. Popular as a breakfast item, you will find dosa stalls all over corporate parks and markets. Healthier than many of the other options in the regular steamed version, you’ll also find them fried if you’re feeling like treating yourself. Street Food Of India: How To Make Mumbai's Famous Veg Frankie Roll (Recipe Video Inside) The Mumbai special-street food looks like a distant cousin of Kolkata's Kathi roll. The grilled corn or Bhutta is a popular beach snack. Reshmi Kebabs and Mutton Handi Biriyani along with Boondi Raita are their specialities Mumbai is one of the most important cities in India and it’s a city that loves to eat. However, I would like to know if you would advise me eating non-veg items (which have been thoroughly cooked over the coals and in sauces) and if would be safe. I’m here to tell you, it works extremely well, and it’s an absolute stunner of an Indian street food. Rs. OMG! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have didnt visited HYDERABAD, you could visit once. When winter arrives, at every beach in Mumbai, you will bhuttawallas selling corn grilled on the chulha and served with lime and chaat masala. Alphonso mango is a seasonal fruit from konkan in summer you can check abt that on internet. 60, depending on where you eat it and what the filling is. On this list of top Mumbai street food you’ll find a lot of vegetarian food (and I happen to think some of the world’s best vegetarian food is in India), but kebabs and rolls are undoubtedly non-veg. A favourite chaat item, Paani Puri is served by the plate. Mumbai is famous across India for its outstanding street food, but discovering the best hygienic eateries in the big city is not always easy. Just saying…take for what its worth. Thanks…, agree with her…konkan region is must to explore. The Frankie is one of the most famous rolls served on the streets of Mumbai. I am off to India in a week for the first time in my life. Hot Bhutta is a popular winter snack in Mumbai. Will wait for your reply. Hope you can visit in the future, it’s a city full of life and a sensory overload! I am a big fan of your youtube videos too.I will surely try Britania and Co. as per your food recomendation. Hi Albert, thank you very much. Amazing pictures, Thanks for sharing. At most places, you will find this being had by office goers either on their way to work or back home and college going students. Mumbai surely has the best street food in India. amazing post and photos! Mumbai’s Vada Pav and Bhelpuri are just great. Thanks for the excellent post. Shilpa Shetty enjoys some Mumbai street food. 5 contributions 1 helpful vote. Great job! But first, if you haven’t already watched the video, press play below: If you take a walk down any street in Mumbai, you’re bound to quickly come across vada pav, one of Mumbai’s most popular and widely available street food snacks. So can you guide for local sightseeing n local food n local guide where we actually see n feel city n culture n food. Thanks and regards!! Thnx for your prompt reply. I watched many of ur videos in india n even d 1 in Oman. To satisfy the demand for foodies, there are many places to get these local dishes. Helpful. Yet another chaat item that is popular in Mumbai, Sev Batata Puri is basically a mixture of onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and chillies served on fried flat puris topped with sweet, spicy, and mint sauces. Here are the top 10 street foods to eat. Every nook and corner of the city has its own chaat vendors, serving up spicy, crispy and tangy eats to eager crowds of locals. It is served with a spicy-sweet chutney (sauce) and bread. Where: Bademiya in Colaba Whether it is at a restaurant or a local street kebab corner, kebabs are the hot favourite among the non-veg eating folks of Mumbai. Although it sounds rather simple, and it is, it’s one of greatest tasting vegetarian burgers you’ll likely ever eat. 500 H Street NE, Washington DC, 20002. Definitely it’s important to be cautious and use your own judgement when you eat street food anywhere in the world. The lizardfish is coated in a layer of semolina, then deep fried to a crisp. A combination of vegetables were mashed up, mixed with spices, and served with bread. Hope you can visit India soon. Makes me wonder, why I hadn’t searched fo it before. We are pretty sure you will enjoy them to the fullest. Living in Mumbai can leave you feeling trapped and helpless due to the piling pressure and the inexplicable monotony of everyday life. Address: Kashinath Dhuru Marg, Dadar, Mumbai (near Kriti College, Dadar) The chaat recipes that are the most popular are the ones you will find in this collection of 35 Mumbai street foods. Would you like to add to this list? Hi Ankit, thank you very much. The vada is basically a potato patty, deep fried with gram flour (besan). Mumbai has so much to offer for a real foodie like me. Paul S wrote a review Mar 2020. Mumbai Street Food Tour cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. A cup should cost anywhere from 5 – 15 Rupees depending on where you are and the size of the cup. Kheema Pav at Gulshan-e … Your. Open hours: 7 pm – 3 am daily. Where: You’ll literally find chai everywhere you look while walking around Mumbai. Thank you very much Ton. You definitely like konkani food & travel in konkan. In Mumbai, you will find plenty of juice stalls all over the place. What r d precautions u took cz I notices u ate all stall roadside food.. TIA. Known differently in other parts in India, in Mumbai the snack is called Paani Puri. And so finally on my trip to Mumbai with Star Alliance, I made it out to Juhu Beach one day, and the first thing I headed for was pav bhaji (and there are about 20 places to eat pav bhaji in the food section of Juhu Beach, maybe more). Open hours: 3 pm – 12 am midnight daily. Although it’s not served in clay cups like in Kolkata, chai in Mumbai is just as delicious and omnipresent. Meaning the way they handle the food, is not always, the way I would like… there are just a few guys that are wearing gloves….! Pani puri is a just a wonderful thing to eat. i don’t think i would have experienced this much diversity and richness if not for what you’re doing. Not to worry, that’s where we come in! Maybe Next time, you can try out the restaurant I specified abouve Mar 27, 2017 - by Vaseem Khan, author THE UNEXPECTED INHERITANCE OF INSPECTOR CHOPRA, a mystery set in India and featuring a baby elephant. You will find momo carts across the city, with vendors serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. It is most commonly eaten as an evening snack with tea. Learn more about this subtle yet omnipresent part of Mumbai’s culture. Hey Shailendra, thank you very much, Mumbai is such an amazing food city! However, these places are sprinkled throughout the city, So, a go-to place for food … Gosh I’m just coming from lunch but seeing this I could eat again straight away. The best trip to do in Mumbai. In places in Mohammad Ali Road, Colaba, Jogeshwari West, and Bandra Station, you will have plenty of varieties to choose from when it comes to kebabs. Mumbai Street Food tient son nom de ses recettes issues des rues de Mumbai et du Gujarat.Une cuisine authentique, fraîche et savoureuse. Shilpa Shetty is one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood. Columbia Heights. Chai is not just a cup of tea, but it’s a hot and soothing brew that offers a time to take a rest from the chaotic streets of the city, to slowly sip and enjoy. Hie…..Namaste….. Iam shashank. Mumbai has a number of legendary restaurants that serve delicious kebabs and rolls, and one of my personal favorites are the Mumbai bhuna rolls. Keep having fun eating, i’m looking forward to something new. I watched your Round the World videos – sumptuous foods! Thanks and Regards, Hello Mark, that’s a wonderful description. When winter arrives, at every beach in Mumbai, you will bhuttawallas selling corn grilled on the, Paani Puri is a favourite chaat item in Mumbai, Juhu Beach chaat counters, M M Mithaiwala, Punjab Sweet House in Bandra West. Maybe you are also interested of reading one of my fave travel blog: blogodiary.com Check it out and I know you’re gonna love it. Mumbai street food is unbelievable, overwhelming and doubly satisfying. I understand that you were a guest of Star Alliance, flying non revenue in business class. Cant wait for my visit to India, and looking so much forward to trying their food. Hi there.. I love the ‘Indian Burger’. You will find Mewad ice cream carts parked at crowded corners of every suburb in Mumbai. And also, don’t miss those fried chilies on the side to give you a kick of heat and flavor. like the Video, know a lot about street food. Post Author. I had my first taste of pav bhaji years ago in Kolkata, but when I posted about that, I received many messages from people telling me I needed to try Mumbai pav bhaji. From you article above, i really like when you describe about Mumbai Sandwich , it really makes me want to go there and eat them all haha. A newcomer to Mumbai’s buzzing street food scene, Chinese Bhel came about by combining two different cuisines, Indian and Chinese. Thank you for your support, hope you’re doing well. Living in a fast-paced city means that the people of Mumbai really look forward to the weekend — especially if it’s a long one!