NANNAYA BHATTU - TELUGU PADYALU - YouTube: pin. The Sanskrit Mahabharata was translated into Telugu over a period of several centuries (from the 11th to 14th centuries CE). TELUGU PADYALU 28 Eepsa-IX CLASS NASEERTPTF | Music Jinni 9th Class Telugu Padyam Padya Ratnaalu, Shubhodaya Vidyalayam, Siddipet: pin. Currently, all seventy-four post-graduate institutes as well as the 350 degree colleges located within the aforementioned districts maintain their government-mandated university affiliation with Adikavi Nannaya University. 8:29. Tikkana (or Tikkana Somayaji) (1205–1288) was born into a Telugu speaking Niyogi Brahmin family during the Golden Age of the Kakatiya dynasty.He was the second poet of the "Trinity of Poets (Kavi Trayam)" that translated Mahabharata into Telugu.Nannaya Bhattaraka was the first to translate two and a half chapters of Mahabharata. Nannaya Bhattaraka (sometimes spelled Nannayya or Nannaiah; ca. Contributions. Harvard Outreach - Telugu 7 Telugu Literature Nannaya was the first poet ( ‘Adikavi ’) Shaped poetic format ( ‘vaaganusasana ’) ... Of Andhra history in general, and the literature, in particular ( Vijayanagara empire of Krishnadevaraya : 16 th century ) poet nannaya, nannaya telugu poet history in telugu, nannaya history, nannaya photos, pin. The other two poets were Nannaya and Tikkana of the Andhra Mahabharatam ("Andhra Mahabharat"). NANNAYA BHATTU - TELUGU PADYALU - Duration: 8:29. Nannayya was the first to translate a Sanskrit text into Telugu language and he rightly holds the titles Aadi Kavi (the First Poet) and Vaaganusaasanudu (the dictator of the language). Nannaya is acclaimed as the Adi Kavi or the first poet of Telugu literature. Nannayya Bhattu's Telugu translation of a portion of the Sanskrit Mahabharata is the earliest available work. 11th century AD) is the earliest known Telugu author, and the author of the first third of the Andhra mahabharatam, a Telugu retelling of the Mahabharata.Nannaya is held in high regard as the person who revived the Telugu language.This work, which is rendered in the Champu style, is chaste and polished and of a high literary merit. Bhatraju is an Indian caste of Telugu-speaking poets, ballad reciters, panegyrists, and religious musicians. Erranna was one of the kavitrayam ("Trinity of Poets") who rendered the Mahabharatam from Sanskrit into Telugu. HYDERABAD: Disputing with the established belief that Nannaya Bhattarakudu was the first Telugu poet, Telangana Jagruti president and TRS MP K Kavitha said that there were some Telugu … It is named after Nannayya, the first attested author of a text composed in the Telugu language.The university attends to the educational needs of both Godavari districts. Talathoti Prithvi Raj 151,898 views. The development of Telugu literature between the twelfth and the sixteenth centuries passes through two distinct phases- (1) the age of the Puranas, during which several Puranic stories were rendered into Telugu. They are primarily found in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and also in smaller numbers in the neighbouring states like Karnataka.They are also known as Bhatturaju or Bhataraju or Bhatrajulu or Brahma kshatriya or simply Rajus. This resulted in a very long lasting impact of Sanskrit on Telugu language and literature and the beginning of a new era in the history of Telugu literature. Most of Telugu literature begins with this massive epic transcreated by these three great sage-scholars Gonabudda Reddy (13th century): Gonabudda Reddy is known for his Ranganatha Ramayanam which is a pioneering work on the theme of Ramayana in Telugu.