Soundcore Life Q20. Another serves as the power button and enables you to pair the headphones t… Anker SoundCore Factory Reset. Got a Soundcore Life Q20, had issues with multiple connections. I did reset the speaker, as instructed, but this did not resolve the issue. I found the worst combination was never pair with a laptop and expect it to work with anything else. According to the information you described, the issue you are experiencing is very unusual. While Anker is a relatively new player in the very crowded audio equipment market, they add a lot of value with their Soundcore line of headphones, speakers, and wireless earbuds. Tried 3 different cables along with different wall outlets too. Shame mate. Was on a call with Discord and my headphones randomly disconnected without warning several (at least 4) within an hour. Life Q20 needs 5V at 0.65A and takes around 3 hrs for full charge. They also disconnect at least once a day from my MacBook Pro, which is a major pain because it also knocks out my bluetooth mouse’s connection for around a minute, and I have to fiddle with turning things on and off to get it all back online. According to the information you described, the issue you are experiencing is very unusual. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Well. $59.99. I have the Q20 and am not aware of any reset option, I even trawled the internet. Certain combination work. 2020-09-07. The only way I can ever switch which device the soundcore is connected with is to either do a “fresh pair” (1st time Pair) or to go into bluetooth settings on that device and tell it to “forget” the soundcore 2 , then re-do a fresh pairing to the speaker. Hot Deals ; Headphones . Turn off all device Bluetooth. Android and other OS don’t like sharing Bluetooth with laptops. It’s really disruptive during calls! Got a Soundcore Spirit Pro earbud, it stopped charging and doesn't turn … Turn on the Bluetooth of the one device you’ll use with the headphones. It’s getting so annoying. They're quite decent for their regular list price of $60 and they're frequently on … The overall dimensions and comfort worked particularly well At the heart of Mi Headphones lies an acoustic system supported by a large 50mm diaphragm that's 4 times harder than steel and 60% lighter than titanium alloy. The SoundCore Life 2 are mostly made out of plastic, and their overall feel is slightly cheaper than the similarly designed SoundCore Space NC. I’ve got 4 different fully updated Windows 10 laptops here, running 2 different Intel Bluetooth chipsets. UK: This is my review of the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 wireless Hi-Res Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. But now I can connect to either the right or left earbud, not both. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS | 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Don’t worry, please don’t hesitate to contact us at by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. The one big disappointment for me is the fit. Please try changing the charger you use to charge the Life Q20, looks like either it is not charging well OR battery has issue. offer 11 Anker manuals and user’s guides for free. The issue is I cannot even use these like this, please help me, it’s so annoying. Also reach out to SoundCore support at I have an iPhone XS Max with iOS 14.1 and I will be listening, just about every 20 minutes I lose connection. While charging, red light remains on. The old one, plastic is crumbling in the headband. You could try returning to the retailer os contacting Soundcores amazing customer service - details in Shenoys post. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Bought them 2 months ago. Also, anker support said being paired to multiple devices should not be an issue. Utilitarian. The deal, of course, refers to a discount on Anker’s highly-rated SoundCore Life Q20 Headphones which come with active noise cancellation technology designed to immerse the wearer in glorious hi-res audio. But even the reset didn’t help. Updates include bug fixes and performance optimization. Share the user manual or guide on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Soundcore was nice enough to send these out for me to review, and these are my thoughts and impressions on the new Soundcore Life Q20, by Anker. While charging press the volume up button plus the power button for 5 seconds. The speaker does work fine connected to a phone. shadaofallthings May 6, 2020, ... Reset the headphones by holding the “Call” and “Play” buttons for 5 seconds while the headphones are charging. I’ve tried forgetting all pairings and pairing again, but no luck. Better then my $200 Sony’s, I gave them to a friend now that I got these thinking they would work. USA: 1-800-988-7973 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM (PT) International Markets I have the same problem with my Lenovo Chromebook C330. I’m Also getting the same issue with the Q20. So far, it seems to be working with my Samsung Galaxy A50. The memory foam earcups fit comfortably around my big ears, and the headband never made the top of my head start to ache; indeed, I wore the headphones for several hours straight during a coa… Weighing in at just 9.3 ounces, the SoundCore Life Q20 features an adjustable padded headband with foldable earcups that swivel up to 90 degrees, handy for stashing the headset into a backpack or a purse. I have the same issue, microsoft surface laptop, LG v50 phone. Delete all pairings. Reset Reset the earbuds if the earbuds cannot connect with each other properly or cannot connect with your device properly. For the price, these are hard to fault, noise cancelling is far better than I would have expected for a pair of headphones costing £50. Soundcore Life Q20. On the upside, the headband is reinforced by a metal sheet and the padding used on the headphones isn’t stiff. reach out to SoundCore support at