Once you know where the issue is, you should look at the hidden formatting of that paragraph and the one immediately following it. But what’s the fastest way to insert them? 1. is an effective method. Below is an example. Out of these, the checkmarks and square bullets are frequently used in the office program for memos, applications, forms, letters, brochures, flyers, and online documents. ALT Codes for geometric shape symbols. Show all formatting marks on Windows. Square Symbol Square Name Decimal Hex ... Symbol Test Box. Sure you can copy and paste from Internet If it’s a one-time thing. Once you have that enabled, you should go to the paragraph in question. Microsoft Word has a rich collection of special symbols, operators and bullet styles. On some MS Word documents we are all of the sudden seeing a box with "L SEP" in it. Symbol such as currency (¥), music (♫), or check marks ( ) Place your cursor in the file at the spot where you want to insert the symbol. Hello, I've found that some formatting issues I've been running into have been resulting from the lack of an inconspicuous black square formatting symbol that appears when I enable hidden formatting to be displayed: To make the content of your document more intuitive and lively, adding symbols like tick, cross, check box, etc. In my example, I noticed that the following paragraph had a “little black square” to the left of the paragraph. Below is the complete list of Windows ALT key numeric pad codes for geometric shape symbols, their corresponding HTML entity numeric character references and, when available, their corresponding HTML entity named character references. Analyze the Paragraph Formatting. Step 3: Once Symbols box opens, change the font to “Wingdings” and then scroll down to bottom.Select the required tick mark or cross symbol and then click on “Insert.”. Notice the character code at the bottom right side of the screen. To insert tick mark symbol in Excel / Word using Character Map, follow the steps below.. These marks are static symbols. PETSCII; the old Commodore computers has graphic characters: Common typefaces such as Arial, Courier New, Tahoma, Times New Roman, have full & ½ black square symbol; if using others it’ll find the correct 1s. Now all of the sudden the ----- box appears randomly throughout it. Open a Word file, select Insert > Symbol, scroll down to the new font, choose one of the symbols, and click Insert. I copied one box and enlarged it … You can copy & paste, or drag & drop any symbol to textbox below, and see how it looks like. This is a document that a user has been using for months, or longer. Step 1: Go to “Start” menu. The small black square indicates that the paragraph inside the cell has one of these format items turned on in the Line & Page Breaks tab of the Paragraph dialog: "Keep with next", "Keep lines together", or "Page break before". 4. Insert Tick Symbol / Checkmark/ Cross Symbol using Character Map. Insert Symbol Otherwise you’d probably better to enter them in Word directly. Math Symbols Triangle Symbols Square Symbols Rectangle Symbols ⬟ Pentagon Symbols ⬡ Hexagon Symbols If you're looking for an interactive check box that you can click on to check or uncheck, see Make a checklist in Word. What is this small square icon in my Word document?