The primary features are as follows: o Monpas- The traditional women’s attire is a sleeveless chemise, along with a jacket. The state of Arunachal Pradesh is located in the northeastern fringes of India and consists of 12 towns and 3649 villages. In another custom when the bride’s family comes to the groom’s house, they gift precious artifacts and necklaces of beads usually found in the Himalayas. During my 1.5 years of Travel gap year journey, I, A dose of mist is as important as a dose of sunshi, 6 of us, with more of our luggage, went off for a, Why do we criticise our governments? My first encounter and an impression of the Nyishis, one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh in India, was that of a jolly natured people who dressed like ancient Greeks. The Nyishis have been the most creative with their headgears called ‘Bopiya‘. The traditional dresses of the state of Arunachal Pradesh are vibrant and very colorful, owing to the fact that each of the 26 different tribes of the state has its distinctive style of dressing. All Rights Reserved. And their adaptation of modern fashion stunned me even more. The people of Arunachal Pradesh have a rich culture and tradition of artistic craftsmanship. Almost all the Nyishi Houses would be having a number of ‘Harchas‘ hanged on the wall of their houses.  During the time of festival or any auspicious occasion, these Harchas are decorated with green leaves ‘Kohaam Okhh’, bamboo pom-poms, and the white rice flour. The Tangsa men wear green lungi, proficiently seamed in with matching yellow, red and white yarns. In Arunachal Pradesh, dance varies from … **, Your email address will not be published. While traveling in the area, I saw many girls and ladies carrying the same and actually using it for their daily purpose. From the fabric to bamboo accessories and Hornbill beak headgears to Eagle clawed hairstyle, Nyishis know how to flaunt it all during the grand celebration of the Nyokum Yullo Festival. . This is how a ceremonial couple looks like. The traditional dress of the Monpa is based on the TibetanChugba. However, it is tied over a bright red scarf that is wrapped around their waist. Ornaments are very popular in the state and hence, jewelry making is a cottage industry by itself. Another distinctive accessory worn by a Nyishi man is the sword called ‘Dao‘. The state of Arunachal Pradesh is located in the northeastern fringes of India and consists of 12 towns and 3649 villages. While ‘Tama‘ accessorizes the dress of men, women have created a more beautiful version of the same by looping it with ‘Hupiya‘, small metal disks. Thus, during the Nyokum Yullo Festival, you would see most of the people involved in the rituals wearing the same yellowish white (macaroon shade) attire in different styles.  The men wear a number of stone bead necklaces or ‘Tesee‘ called ‘Domin‘ bunched together and also carry a sword, a spear or a bow with a number of arrows in a bamboo backpack called ‘Nara‘. The third dress of the Nyishis consists of the plain jade-black fabric and is locally known as Jekh Eij. The bun is then covered with the layers of yellow woolen threads giving it a look of a headgear. ‘Chucha‘ a small basket, which was probably a pocket or a wallet for the Nyishi ladies is tucked in the Hupiya. The larger bottle gourds are converted into storage containers which are generally stationed at home for the keeping of Apong or drinking water. The … While the earrings of women are usually made of metal, the men wear only one earring studded with semi-precious emerald stones. Required fields are marked *, Please comment only with your real name and not your company's or blog's name. Any added links or spams will be deleted.Â, I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. While the theme of the Yazali Nyokum, emphasized on the organic living, these models just promoted it in a way that can impress the young generation. The men wear it below the knees while women wear it on ankles. I’m an Indian traveller and fearless adventurer. I find the real joy of travelling in going off the grid. Their traditional headgear ‘Bopiya’ was also tied along with it to prevent it from falling off during any sporty movement. And I love capturing the vistas that my eyes see in and present it in the form of words for you all to imagine. Bamboo is also used by the Akas tribe, for making bangles and earrings. 3. If you observe this picture carefully, everything in this Shaman’s headgear is real. I tend to go for jewelry or fabrics. And currently, as the tribe has gained consciousness of the endangered animals, they have shifted to the substitutes of these parts that are made of natural components. Traditional Dresses for Women in Arunachal Pradesh Accessories are a must for any woman in Arunachal Pradesh. I chanced upon a few very interesting hats during the Yazali Nyokum Yullo Festival. This was probably the highlight of the show where a designer had showcased the western versions of Par Eij and Pomo. Arunachal Pradesh: The culture of Arunachal Pradesh is truly varied in the sense that the state … Broadly, the people of the state of Arunachal Pradesh may be categorized into three groupings. Though divided into a number of tribes, they originate from a common stock. See more ideas about Traditional, Women, Arunachal pradesh. They wear a dome In Arunachal Pradesh, the men generally wear a jacket and a loin-cloth or lungi, while the women have a large piece of cloth draped around their body, flowing down from the shoulders to the knees. And my heartiest thanks to Chukhu Mamma for his informative guidance and inputs about the Nyishi Tribe, the rituals and the culture throughout the festival. Exploring local cultures and discovering the essence of the places I visit is my passion. Man with traditional hat in Arunachal Pradesh. The main use of it is to serve the local brew. Further, Reign, Tajin and Juhwe, dangling on their waist make the attire all the more gorgeous. It is called ‘Egin‘ or ‘Tokkri‘ which is used to carry grains from the fields, firewood and sometimes even water. Probably, this is their way of not polluting their river and air with harmful chemicals released by the fancy bag making factories. Narrow sharp eyes with fierce look, chiseled body wrapped in a hand-woven macron shade cloth and the ornaments made of metal and precious stones; not to forget the traditional yet trendy bamboo bags, sword and a goblet. Once upon a time, the Nyishi men had long hair that was either left open or was tied in a bun above their forehead very much like the Sikhs of Punjab. A nail of a tiger, teeth or the eagle’s beak are common pendants that you can spot on Nyishi men.Â. Men of this tribe wear lungi of green color with white, red and yellow yarn. ......until, w. Travel gap year - Manali-Leh hitchhiking part 2 The girls either wear a plain clothe or a draping with red designs. The women mostly wear a warm jacket and Shingka which is a sleeveless gown of light red colour with white stripes. Created by peeling bamboo, the strips are braided to create the ‘Lalum‘ that can be seen in the above picture. Arunachal Pradesh is a land of diversity with over 26 tribes and 100 sub-tribes. Watch this stunning video of the festival – By Jay Mishra, **It was an honour to be invited for the golden jubilee of the Nyokum Yullo Festival at Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh.