I’m not Twitch staff.”, And it might not just be that Twitch is endorsing her to censor people she deems “really shitty.”. The streaming community remains skeptical of Twitch's Safety Advisory Council, although there's hope that these are the kinds of inconsistent and questionable decisions that will now be better addressed. And there are because I represent moderation and diversity. Jason Parker - Author. Period.”, She adds, “Twitch is endorsing me to do that.”, Twitch really need to put a end to this! Well, that has to do with one of the members and streamer FerociouslySteph. Just two days ago, council member FerociouslySteph openly said a few offensive statements regarding white supremacy and gamers, which caused an uproar in the Twitch community. Memology 101 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1X9HTMhyL4UpmjgkrN41oQ #Twitch #Streaming #GeeksandGamers save. In March, Chinese social video application TikTok, which faces U.S. examination over information sharing and oversight concerns, named individuals from a U.S.- centered content control board to give … I was arguing against a impending reckless implementation. Harassment directed at council members or anyone at or on Twitch only underscores the importance of the council. So why are so many gamers upset about the panel? edited 4 months ago. Once again, Twitch has made a bold and public statement saying that they really do care about the safety of their community. Taylor and Zizaran. The Twitch Safety Advisory Council (herein referred to as the Council), is tasked with five responsibilities: Draft new policies and policy updates Develop products and features to improve safety and moderation Promote healthy streamer and work-life balance habits If “a lot” and “most” are the same thing, why do you keep misquoting me? Last week, Twitch announced a new Safety Advisory Council intended to provide input on some of Twitch’s most pernicious issues, including work-life balance, safety … 93% Upvoted. In a blog post on Twitch's website, they announce the formation of a Twitch Safety Advisory Council. But the group … Keeping our community safe and healthy is a top priority for Twitch. They went on to detail that this Council will: Related: Fedmyster Reports He Received A Three Day Ban From Twitch After Showing Alinity’s “Nip Slip” – Gets It Overturned, Twitch explained their new council is “composed of online safety experts and Twitch creators who have a deep understanding of Twitch, its content, and its community.”, They claim the council is made up of “online safety experts” and “Twitch streamers who deeply understand creators’ unique challenges and viewpoints.”, They went so far as to emphasize that “each member of the council was carefully selected based on their familiarity with the Twitch community and their relevant personal and professional experiences.”. And saying women need these things changed because they’re automatically at a disadvantage is misogynistic in itself because it says that we aren’t equal to men in gaming and we need the rules changed. Sort by. Amazon-owned game-streaming site Twitch announced today the formation of a new group that will guide decision-making around new policies and products: the Twitch Safety Advisory Council. Twitch recently announced their new Twitch Safety Advisory Council a few days ago with the explicit purpose of informing and guiding “decisions made at Twitch by contributing their experience, expertise, and belief in Twitch’s mission of empower communities to create together.”. I think a lot of gamers are white supremacists. — 🌸Dani🌸 (@DelightDaniTV) May 15, 2020, FerociouslySteph responded to these comments on Twitter, “I have never and will never say most gamers are white supremacists. I have no idea how much power I have. I really believe this! Because FFS, you really think Twitch is trying to brain control all you into transitioning? Twitch really has to get better at finding actual expertise in their own talent. I think a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists. View discussions in 5 other communities. ways to effectively exchange tactical information without your voice. The panel members are simply advisers, not employees, not ban hammer-wielding power-hunger tyrants. And from the mouth of the dude who got this whole ball rolling is the real cherry on top. And I’m going to come for hurtful, harmful people. Comment. 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We do not condone bullying or harassment of any kind and will continue to take action against accounts who engage in that behavior. At the heart of the Safety Advisory Council and all of our work at Twitch is the desire to foster a safe, inclusive, and creative community of passionate people.