Bock 251 v. Upton 251 v. Neumann M149. Share Tweet. In this shootout video, SoundPure Pro Audio Expert, Travis Hall, compares four of our top-tier microphones in this blind shootout. Andrea L Brock, Brenda S Brock, and three other persons are also associated with this address.The phone number for him is (251) 867-8593 (Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc). The Upton 251 microphone is a condenser microphone based on the classic Telefunken ELA M 251 which was produced by AKG from around 1960 to 1965. Price engine . More From SMG UP NEXT. microphones ever made. $30,000 Mic Shootout : Bock 407 vs. Telefunken 251 E vs. Manley Reference Gold vs. Telefunken u47. This would be a nice compliment to the mics you already have. Prices starting at $5,995 Average price: $5,995. Elam 251 E We invested in a stereo set of 251"s and let me tell you there is no disappointment! But our 251 probably has more than the average 251 because we have that big transformer. His age is 28. Product presentation . EMAIL . SHARE. Also the way she walks seems more elegant. Designer David Bock selected a German-made capsule with a 6mil Dupont Mylar® film diaphragm and same close tolerances and asymmetrical design as the famed CK 12 capsule used. The transformer was designed specifically for this microphone, and is manufactured by AMI/Tab-Funkenwerk. The Bock Audio 251 large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone is a faithful sonic re-creation of the famous vintage Telefunken ELAM 251 manufactured by AKG over 50 years ago, these collectors items are now extremely rare and exchange hands for thousands of pounds and due to their age, don’t offer the reliability needed for a modern studio. The 250 was a 2-pattern mic (cardioid and omni). Classified Ads. No interest if paid in full within 12 months ... Neumann U47, AKG 414, AKG C12, Aston Spirit, or Bock Audio 251 are a perfect place to start when adding to your collection. I was so inspired by my Upton 251 Microphone when checking for a vocalist in my studio, that I just broke out in a song of adoration. Paired with a great compressor, you are on the right track to recording world class vocals. The 22 251's overall sound character tends obviously towards a rich quality, warm and full at the bottom end with a slightly rounded lower mid-range bloom, and a clear and detailed high end. Made in the USA, the Upton 251 uses a custom, handmade CK-12 capsule and T14-style transformer to get the airy, intimate sound for which vintage 251s are known. Bock 251 v. Upton 251 v. Neumann M149. Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; LinkedIn; MySpace; Email; Go to. Quick Facts He was born on 18-01-1992. Avg used price: $4,625. TWEET. Gallery Focal Trio11 Be – The Loudspeaker Dedicated to Nearfield and Midfield 341 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria 3122 | Australia Phone: +61 … The original 251 is widely regarded to be one of the finest microphones ever made and is great for many recording applications. The Bock 251 provides the user with absolute confidence that this is the mic you put in the most critical situations. Quote. The Upton Microphones 251, the company's first product, is a multi-pattern tube mic based on the legendary Telefunken ELA M 251E. We also brought in the Neumann M149 as a similarly priced control. David BockThe 507 differs from the 251 capsule in that the proximity effect is not so great as in Bock’s 251 capsule. 2 user reviews. SHARE. These mics are extremely musical and have not sounded close to bad on any source we throw at them. She has an hour-glass figure and an ass. Introducing the Upton 251 Tube Condenser Microphone. Posts: 33 Bock 251 vs. Mojave MA-1000 vs. Chandler Redd LDC Apr 6, 2020 17:44:14 GMT -6 Johnkenn and chessparov like this. The higher end 251 is treasured by users for its extraordinary up close cardioid performance on premier voices and its distance performance on piano, ensembles, and orchestras. Gallery Introducing the Upton 251 Tube Condenser Microphone New From Neo Instruments. Victoria. Bock 251 vs. Mojave MA-1000 vs. Chandler Redd LDC. Bellator 251: Derek Anderson full pre-fight interview.m4v. It is built to last and provide the studio and user with many years of daily, high end performance. It won't have the... Tonewood Spotlight: Maple, the Overlooked Alternative . Can you tell which one's which? Gallery New From Neo Instruments Focal Trio11 Be – The Loudspeaker Dedicated to Nearfield and Midfield. The 251 also was designed to have less bottom end, and rolls off starting at about 100 Hz or so, and this gives the mic a good characteristic for female vocals. Select Post; Deselect … Its AKG-made CK12 capsule and all-valve electronics deliver a sound that is much sought after, particularly by vocalists. If you are interested in hearing the results and/or getting ahold of the audio files from this shootout, give us a shout, we'd love to hear from you! In this blind mic shootout, we give you a chance to compare three of our favorite high-end 251-style vocal microphones: the Telefunken 251E, the Bock 251, the Upton 251. The TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251 was an amalgam of these two microphones as it was capable of switching between all three patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional). Recording Advice | Bock Audio, Gear Shootouts, Manley, Telefunken. Reviews . Bock Audio's 251 uses a proprietary hand-made German capsule, a proprietary hand-wound multisectioned audio transformer, NOS tube in the mic amplifier, a hand-built outboard power supply and a custom low capacitance audio cable. With frequency response that extends well beyond the normal range of typical studio microphones, the BOCK 251 sets new standards. Formerly known as Soundelux, Bock Audio makes incredible high-end mics that faithfully re-create the sound of some vintage classics. 7 years ago. The c12s sound amazing on acoustic instruments and female vocals in my opinion and definitely have their own magic to be reckoned with. For vocals, the BOCK 251 instantly delivers that huge vocal sound you have wanted for years. This is one of the best overall mic packages available on the market at any price. NOW PLAYING: MMA Bellator 251… The Bock Audio 507 is also known as: 5-ZERO-7. Upton Microphones 251 Tube Condenser Microphone $ 4,495.00. SHARE. It’s hard to determine what’s the best of the best, but in this shootout, we tried to do that with 4 of our top tier mics. I have had the chance to use the Bock 251 and it is a fantastic microphone. The BOCK 251 provides the user with absolute confidence that this is the mic you put in the most critical situations. Share Thread. How are the Ela M 250 and Ela M 251 different? The Upton 251 utilizes their own CK12 capsule, T14 transformer as well as the original circuit design. It is a premier lead microphone for premier voices. The WA-251, as its name suggests, is a recreation of the late ‘50s Telefunken ELA-251, one of the most coveted (and now, very expensive!) Like every part of the ELUX 251, the capsule is hand-built, tuned and strictly tested. Many customers have asked for a less expensive cardioid-only version of the 251 and we're happy to deliver it now as the model 241 mic! The BOCK 251 is the ideal microphone to choose when there is a variety of applications that must met with absolute top recording quality. The BOCK 251 uses a proprietary hand made German capsule, a proprietary hand wound multi sectioned audio transformer, a NOS tube in the mic amplifier, a hand built outboard power supply and a custom low capacitance audio cable. Previous Thread; Next Thread; Please make a selection first ; new « Prev; 1; 2; Next » 80hz Full Member. Bock Audio 251. The 251 included cardioid, omni, and figure-of-8. 156 Columbus Crcl, Brewton, AL 36426-7128 is the last known address for Joshua. We also invested in a set of telefunken c12s. The Bock 251 is David Bock’s answer to the vintage mic dilemma of getting “that sound” without the headaches. Email us at proaudio(at) to get hi res files or to get the results! $30,000 Mic Shootout: Bock 47 vs. Telefunken 251E vs. Manley Reference Gold vs. Telefunken U47. In this video we present a 251 style vocal microphone shootout using the Telefunken 251E, the Bock 251, the Upton 251, and the Neumann M149. Bock 251, Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone from Bock Audio. Kate looks like she is walking violently so that the boobs shake, while Victoria has a smooth and elegant walk. This is one of the best overall mic packages available on the market at any price. In this video, Sound Pure pro audio expert Chuck Giardino presents the Upton 251 Multi-Pattern LDC Tube Mic with clips from our recent 251 style vocal mic shootout. The switch housing at the base of the capsule assembly is where the similarity between the Neumann GmbH U47/48 and the ELA M 250 / 251 microphone series ends. Duration: 06:22 8 hrs ago. Use (251) 867-8593 to contact Joshua with caution. The Bock Audio 251 large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone re-creates the sonic beauty of the fabled Telefunken ELAM 251, one of the most sought after vintage mics ever built.