The blue whale has the largest cock in the world averaging 8-10 feet long, with the largest specimen ever found measuring about 16 feet(5m). – African Elephant Range & Habitat. However, their skulls particularly in the ear region, which is surrounded by a bony wall strongly resemble those of living whales and are unlike those of any other mammal. Blue whale is a species of baleen whale. A whale's skeleton contains a skull, a spine and a rib cage, plus the bones that make up its flippers. They eat very little en route and survive mostly on their blubber reserves, for up to four months at a time. NOAA Fisheries. Normally, the color of its underside is blue or white. Northern Bottlenose Whales sometimes sport shark bite scars that look somewhat like cookie cutter impressions. Whale-watchers in the Northwest often get fooled by driftwood or logs that look like animals, floating on the surface of the water. – White Tiger Evolution, What Do African Elephants Eat? Sources: “Marine Mammal Laboratory – Blue Whales”. Male sperm whales do not create harems of females like other animals. Right whales are the rarest of all large whales. Where Do Raccoons Go During the Day? There are about 90 to 100 pleated ventral grooves that run laterally under the chest from throat to the navel. Well, whale poop is quite different from what other animals excrete, including humans. First overlooked by whalers, the blue whale was simply too large and too difficult to hunt. The blue whale has mottled skin with pale gray blotches speckled over its body. Whether they are traveling or not, blue whales like to communicate with each other. They have callous like patches on the head and the back. Cetaceans do not have scrotums like terrestrial mammalian males do. Learning and growing is thirsty business for a baby blue whale, they can drink up to 250 litres of milk every day. 5) Despite their humongous size, blue whales eat tiny shrimp-like crustaceans called krill. What do they eat? The decades that followed almost exterminated the blue whale. Gray whales are often covered with parasites and other organisms that make their snouts and backs look like a crusty ocean rock. Whales and their relatives have belly buttons, just like most other mammals! Whaling decimated the blue whale population and only a fragment survive today. The gentle giant of the sea, the blue whale is instantly recognisable with a long, streamlined shape, mottled blue or grey back and pale underbelly. What is a beluga whale and what do they look like? Its body is long, somewhat tapered, and streamlined, with the head making up less than one-fourth of its total body length. They look like big flat nosed dolphins and are completely white (calves are grey). Like many other large whales, the prey of humpback whales are microscopic compared to their own bulking mass. Hence, they are nicknamed as sulfur-bottom whales because of the yellow tint of sulfur. It was only in the 1960's, 100 years later, that the world woke up to their plight. Commanding awe, they grow to over 33 meters long (around 100ft) – twice as along as a T-Rex dinosaur. of krill a day during its peak consumption period. Here comes a picture of a bisected dolphin reproductive tract, because this is science and sometimes science looks like a bisected dolphin reproductive tract. A blue whale can eat 40 million krill every day. They weigh up to 6 tons (5,443 kilograms) and gro… Commanding awe, they gr… When erect, it peeks out of the genital slit. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), If you have any suggestion or comment or anything you want to share at all, feel free to reach out by emailing at: Whales, dolphins, and porpoises belong to a group known as cetaceans.