As all other islands, the most beautiful hotels are in large settlements such as Chania, Heraklion, Rethymno and Sitia.Discover all hotels of Crete. Answer 1 of 5: Hello! Rural getaways or a beachside shack, a writer's escape in the hills or a town break with plenty of romance and style. The largest towns are Chania and Rethymnon, located on the west side of Crete. Where to Stay in Crete Greece – 10 Best Areas to Stay in Crete Crete is a sizable island – the fifth biggest in the meditterannean. The second largest city in Crete and one of the most beautiful, Chania (aka Hania) has 2 parts- the new part and the old part. Crete is famous for being a party island, with the resorts of Malia and Hersonissos renowned for their 24-hour party atmosphere. 70 km. Where to stay in Crete. Re-posting on the Crete forum will bring you more and varied suggestions, but in my opinion, Chania itself is one of the jewels in Crete's crown. Spend quality time together as a family while exploring the beautiful nature Crete has to offer. Members on the Crete forum can help you to do that. Almost every part of the island is suitable for families, but we’ve chosen a few special areas which make a good base for your vacation in Crete. A beach hotel with a big pool is a priority for most travellers, especially during the summer. See all. Looking to spend a couple of weeks in Crete next August and would be grateful if anyone can recommend any suggestions where to stay. You have read our other post where we were searching on where to stay in Crete prior our visit to Aspros Potamos traditional houses.. As you read we had so many wonderful experiences in less than 6 hours from leaving Festos Palace ship of Minoan Lines.Well, here comes more! Whether you’re in the market for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or some solo fun in the sun, the Greek island of Crete has your name written all over. Crete’s only city and capital … We're looking for suggestions of areas to stay. The island hosts a wide variety of lodgings to fit practically any budget and with a little research anyone can find the Crete accommodation that fits best. My favorite place to stay in Crete is right outside Chania in a little hotel on top of a hill (with incredible views of the sea and the city of Chania) called Hotel Alexis. However, Heraklion makes a good family-friendly destination, especially if you would like a lot of activities outside … I will be taking the ferry from Heraklion at 8:30am to Mykonos to catch my flight home and I was wondering where I could go that isn't too far away? With 212 rooms, suites and bungalows around a lagoon, this is a five-star resort with knobs on. Answer 1 of 6: We are a couple in our 20s that like culture as well as time to relax and wind down. Crete, much like … Panorama Askifou Place to Stay in Karés Avg. Where to Stay Near Knossos, Crete. From romantic retreats in Elounda to family-focused fun in Rethymno, you can't go wrong with a holiday in Crete. I looked at the questions and I have not found the right solution for me. I am island hoping around Greece in August and my last stop is Crete. Answer 1 of 30: My husband and I are travelling to Crete for 4 days end of July/beginning of August. Where to Stay in Crete. Where to Stay in Crete, Greece? A family-friendly place to stay in Crete. We are a family with three children; 11, 10 and 7. There are quite a few large hotels, apartment complexes and resorts on Crete, the kind I avoid, and I suggest you do the same. The largest Greek island, mountainous Crete has stunning beaches, plenty of history and as much or little nightlife as you want. The owners are amiable and cook the best Cretan dishes we ever tasted! Heraklion, Crete (00 30 28970 41103; Crete is a rather large island and a central location does have it's advantage if you want to spend alot of time driving around the entire island. Dana Hanson 3 weeks ago. Crete, the largest island of Greece is known for its greatly varied terrain and incredible historical significance. I therefore ask you some advice. The 10 Best Places to Stay in Crete, Greece. Plan your stay in the area if you wish to really experience the life of the island as Agios Nikolaos is the quintessential Cretan town, if there ever was one! AMIRANDES. Heraklion Crete’s underrated capital. Here's where to stay in Crete. by Salvatore (Italia) Hi, let me first congratulate with you for your beautiful website. I was wondering where is nice to stay in Crete for 4 nights? An historic castle-turned-guesthouse, Casa Vitae's original Ottoman-Venetian architecture makes it one of the best places to stay in Rethymno for anyone wanting to really immerse themselves in the history of the place. Popular with guests booking places to stay on Crete 8.8 Excellent 790 reviews for this place to stay Places to Stay That Guests Love in Crete. Wondering where to stay in Crete? The Best Places to stay on Crete For Ancient Treasures. Also, not too far from Heraklion Airport - max. Answer 1 of 9: Hello, We are traveling to Crete at the beginning of July and are looking for a place on a nice sandy beach with authentic Greek charm - village with tavernas and locals. The best food I had in all of Greece (and the cheapest!) We are thinking of going to Crete in May next year, having never been to Greece at all, we are wondering where is a nice area to stay. Where to Stay in Crete. We'd like to be near a white sand beach (not stony), with some nice nature reserve/lake/trail nearby, viewpoints, and a nice town to wander around in. My husband and I are travelling to Crete for 4 days end of July/beginning of August. Good for: History; Photo; Heraklion, which has a marina and international airport, is usually the first stop for most travelers to the island. From its beginnings as a pet town to the capital of the Lasithi prefecture of Crete, the town has come a long way. price/night: $48 9.2 Awesome 230 reviews It starts with the view… Where to Stay in Crete: Amazing Villas in Crete. Party town Malia has many bars, clubs and restaurants on its Strip. If you are new to Airbnb, read our guide to booking your first Airbnb stay and grab $55 discount off your stay. The Amazing Villas in Crete represent the beauty of the island. Where To Stay In Crete: 4 Beautiful Areas To See. The 10 Best Places to Stay in Crete, Greece. Crete is a huge island, there are many places to stay and many types of villas to consider. If you are looking for a Greek family holiday that offers more than sun and sand, the best place to stay is Rethymno. The “Handsome House” is a good example of an old village house set in a walled garden with its own pool. Having said that, I would advise staying in Chania. The Amazing Villas in Crete. The capital of Crete is usually a point of entry for travelers to Crete, but most continue on to smaller towns when choosing where to stay in Crete. We were just 1 day in Crete and it was time we would leave our current accommodation, to go to Aspros Potamos … The homemade bread, feta, olives, wine and raki, are a must try. We have been Crete almost 4 or 5 times, this Greek island is amazing. We're looking for suggestions of areas to stay. Say hello to Greece's biggest island offering, where supersized shores are jam-packed with beaches, cities, natural delights and historical sights, wherever you choose to stay! The team at We Love Crete show you where to stay in Crete for any budget. You’ll have a lot of choices. It has the most amazing little restaurant overlooking the water where you can eat dinner and watch the sun set. Whether dreaming of a honeymoon in Crete, in Lasithi or a romantic getaway at one of the finest Crete beach hotels, Kakkos Beach will … Crete is one of the first developed tourist destinations in Greece and has therefore well organized seaside resorts, elongated sandy beaches, and beautiful towns. Crete is a wonderful island with sandy beaches, charming cities, enchanting villages and rugged mountains. I will go to Crete from the 6th to 18th of … Where to stay in Crete: The Best Places Around the Island The Best Areas to Stay in Chania Region, Crete Chania. The latest hotel from Grecotel, Greece's largest hotel chain, is also the classiest. As the largest of the Greek islands, Crete is a great choice for a family vacation. 1. Along the coast is the capital Heraklion, a bustling city home to many Crete hotels on the beach, and a Venetian castle guarding its port. The people in Crete are extremely hospitable in general and the staff at Eleonas were no exception. It is a land that embodies the beauty of nature, together with the charm of history and mythology. Where to stay: Archondiko Spiti Crete is full of villas to rent. Firstly, Crete is the biggest island in Greece. Where to Stay in Crete for Couples Proposing an exclusive, couples only lifestyle, Kakkos Beach hotel is the perfect choice for your romantic holidays in Crete. Trying to figure out where to stay in Crete? Psiloritis in the West and the Dikti in the east. You may find many places to stay and most people asking where to stay in Crete? But there are also wonderful small places to stay. We wanted to have a varied experience so we can pick our favourite for our next visit. There are tranquil rural inns in the hills as well as friendly, family-run guesthouses in out-of-the-way harbour villages. 3. We don't want nightlife, apart from a couple of restaurants to eat, just want a quiet relaxing holiday where we can travel easily on a bus to look around the area. The best hotels in Crete. It was more than just good customer service, it was a welcoming nature that started from the top. Greece’s largest island, Crete, is a magical place full of archaeological sites, historical monuments, cultural achievements and beaches of incomparable beauty. Here's where to stay in Crete. Friday, March 20, 2020 admin. Heraklion proves to be both the biggest and densest populated prefecture on Crete as well as the island’s capital.It lies in the arms of two towering mountain ranges the Mt. There is an island in the Mediterranean where Greeks believe that Zeus was born. For our first time in Crete, we stayed in three different hotels all in different locations. Cretans prove warm and hospitable to make you feel welcome; while the tourist infrastructure has been developed in harmony with the natural and historical identity of the island. Heraklion, best area to stay in Crete for sightseeing. Hello.