5 New Car Models Releasing In 2021 We Are Excited For

5 New Car Models Releasing In 2021 We Are Excited For
The 5 new car models releasing in 2021 we are excited to include a mix of multiple nationality cars. Although there are many expected to launch this year, we have shortlisted those who have a futuristic look.

Nissan 400z 2021

This is the revival of the Z series, bringing the successor to 370z that was first produced more than a decade before. It is expected to be called 400z that will be the latest version of the FM platform of Nissan. It shares components with Infiniti Q60 coupe and will come in a twin-turbo engine. Hence it will be amalgamate of best of all with something more added. The 400 horsepower in Infiniti Q models will have competition from this brother.

Toyota GR Corolla 2022

The first sporty compact is on the way to launch this year-end or next year. It is wearing GR badge for Gazoo Racing and is a cool hatchback version of Corolla. Inspired by rally it is the revival of Toyota Corolla from the mid-2000s. It will have a mighty turbocharged wheel of a brother from another mother GR Yaris. It will have a displacement of 1.6 liters and will have three cylinders to support.

The estimated price of GR Corolla is 30000 USD

(Car and Driver – GR Corolla)

Volkswagen ID.4 2021

This German car is the first of the 50 electric cars that various brands, under the ID umbrella, launching in 2025. This ID.4 crossover is targeting the most popular and demanded segment. The plan is to give people EV in the preferably practical size and shape. It will have trims including S, SE, and SEL respectively. The EPA released nothing on this car to judge the fuel economy but considering what Volkswagen told about it being power-packed we expects nothing but goodness. The infotainment and connectivity features have drastically increased. The large touch screen and smart-phone enabled controls are other options that look promising.

Jaguar XJ 2021

The all-new 2021 model will replace the full-size Jaguar XJ sedan shortly. It will get bold and will be fully electric. Interestingly, it will be a mash-up of Sedan and SUV that will be more than the crossover. The cost prediction is on a higher side, starting from 72000 USD. Although people will buy it for the state-of-art features. The i-Pace setup available will generate 394 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque, so if the news is true it will be a true beast. The impressive acceleration in the city and enjoyable long-drives on the highway are enjoyable and luxurious. As it is a top-notch model so the interior will be luxurious. Hence there are high expectations from Jaguar XJ.

GMC Hummer EV SUT 2022

This Hummer from General Motors has a rebirth, as after discontinuing in 2010 it is back with a bang after a decade. It will come as a 2022 model with an all-electric option, predicted to release by 2021 end. Aside from that, the horsepower of this true beast will be 1000hp and the speed will reach from zero to 60mph in 3 seconds. The best part is that it is priced at 70000 USD that is even less than Jaguar. These are 5 New car models releasing in 2021 and close, that we are excited to share. Consequently, we are excited for the range, are you?
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