You Need Cheap Honda Legend? Buy It Online

You Need Cheap Honda Legend? Buy It Online

You Need Cheap Honda Legend? Buy It Online:

Honda Legend is manufactured by Honda Company. It was introduced in 1985.Honda Legend is a six cylinder mid size luxury car. You can Honda Legend Sedan ( online as well as from a local dealer but online car purchase is cheaper and easier these days.

Generations of Honda Legend:

First generation was introduced in October 22, 1985 it was the first Honda vehicle to present only a SOHC V6 engine around the globe. It has 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic transmission. Length is Sedan 189.4 in (4,811 mm) ’86-’88,Sedan 190.6 in (4,841 mm) ’89-’90,Sedan (Japan): 184.6 in (4,689 mm),Coupe: 188 in 4 .Second generation was introduced in October 24, 1990.It has 3.2 L C32A V6 engine and automatic 4-speed, 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual transmission. Length is Sedan: 194.9 in (4,950 mm), Coupe: 192.5 in (4,890 mm).

Third generation was launched in 1996.It has 3.5 L C35A V6 engine and has 4-speed automatic, 6-speed manual transmission length is 1996-1998:195.1 in (4,956 mm),1999-2001:196.6 in (4,994 mm),2002-2004:196.7 in (4,996 mm) and the fourth generation was launched on October 7, 2004.Honda became Japan Car of the Year for 2004–5. It has 2005-08: 3.5L J35A 290 hp (220 kW), 2009: 3.7L 300 hp (220 kW) engine. It has 5-speed automatic with sequential sport shift transmission. Length is 2005-08: 193.6 in (4,917 mm), 2009: 195.8 in (4,973 mm).It’s a Front-engine, and four-wheel drive layout car.

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