Driving Habits That Make You a Winner

Driving Habits That Make You a Winner

Driving is a greater responsibility, as a mistake can cause life-threat to several people. Winners are those who avoid mistakes and drive smoothly. Develop these driving habits and have a stress-free experience on the road every day.

Avoiding Distraction

While driving a car make sure that distractions are avoided at all costs. Stop continuously talking or checking your phone. Even if we talk about listening on the phone or listening to the person sitting next to us, our brain activity associated with driving is reduced by 37%. So imagine the danger you get yourself and other occupants involve in when you talk while driving. Women have the habit of touching-up by applying makeup, this can also be disastrous. If you feel the need to use the phone, apply makeup, or have other things to cater, make sure that you stop the car at a corner and do what is needed.

Speeding Counter by Time Management

Speeding up brings excitement, but it kills too. So make sure that you keep your focus on the speed limit of the particular place and maintain it. People cross speed limit assigned when they are in a hurry, so make sure that when leaving for the destination you keep 15-20 minutes margin for traffic-jam and other mishaps. This will help you reach on time even when the car broke, or you get stuck in a traffic jam. Reaching destination early you can always check your car, have an instant car cleanup in parking space.

Maintain Safe Distance by Patience

Tailgating is a contributing factor in more than one-third of all crashes on the road

(Injury Lawyers)

This is the stat shared by lawyers, that take great charges from you to negotiate with other parties whose car damages or life got into threat because of you. So it is best to maintain a safe distance from other cars and avoid tailgating. If you see someone tailgating you; it is recommended to slow down when it is safe and let them pass. In driving, maintain the recommended distance between two cars and avoid braking sharply and gradually whenever you can.

Work On Visibility

Develop a habit to use headlights whenever the surrounding suggests poor visibility. Keep it in mind when you get into the driving seat. The times when visibility might be an issue are at night, during rain, just before sunrise or sunset. Make sure that you use the indicator when you feel that the pedestrian might be confused about crossing the road or you are planning to change lane.

Activities That Keep You Fresh During Drive

Develop healthy habits, so you stay fresh and alert while driving. You must properly sleep before a long journey. Make sure that you have not drunk alcohol or sedating drinks as they make you numb and you might end up in jail. Turn down high volume music, as it might be fun but it decreases the ability to react to a sudden unexpected situation. This can be dangerous for the driver and passengers alike. If you are not fresh, allow another person to drive or drive when you are ready.

These are a few driving habits that make you a winner on the road.

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