Honda Airwave 2006 – Remarkable Driving Experience

Honda Airwave 2006 – Remarkable Driving Experience

Smooth Driving with Honda Airwave 2006

honda airwave 2006
honda airwave 2006

Get the remarkable driving experience with Honda Airwave which a sub-compact Japanese car manufactured by Honda.  Honda Airwave is a modification of Fit/Jazz and Fit/Aria, it has gained popularity in Japanese market specifically within 5-6 years. Honda Airwave was launched in 2005 by the Honda Company targeting Japanese market first, but now it is available globally to be imported.

Honda Airwave Types:

The Honda Airwave i available in two types of models type ‘G’ and type ‘L’ provided with panoramic glass sunroof.  The power engine of Honda Airwave 2006 is L15A i-DSI which gives the user a remarkable driving experience.

 A Compact Car (Honda Airwave 2006):

The Honda Air wave look very compact and mini car from outer view but its spacious 5 seats car which can be utilized in a number of ways.  This car is also known as Fit Wagon in Japan, Honda always comes up with something attractive for its buyers. It gives the most comfortable and smooth drive and outstanding driving; it like the car exactly knows the driver’s requirements and becomes the best companion on road.

Specification of Honda Airwave 2006

The front look of Honda Airwave 2006 ( is like any other brand of latest Honda car but the back view is a mini-wagon look which gives more space for luggage, goods and anything as big as a machine or average size cycle that you want to carry.

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