How to buy a Good Car Battery?

How to buy a Good Car Battery?

Before we talk about how to buy a good car battery, understanding what a good battery is crucial. It is about the power of the battery that supports features like the sound system run smoothly. It should have enough life to survive years, considering buying a car battery is expensive. The duration that determines the life of a battery differs according to the climate and driving condition, so we cannot specifically pinpoint. It should require less maintenance that can cool down by putting water.

Here are the steps that will facilitate your question of how to buy a good car battery:

Know Your Battery

It never means that you should take a magnifying glass and enter the hood. You can check the owner’s manual to find the battery size, type, and age of the battery. You can even talk to an automobile mechanic to know about your existing battery configuration. Considering it is a quarantine life, so in case you cannot do both, ask people with similar cars for suggestions or you can call a mechanic at home.

Before Installing New Battery Inspect

As battery sellers might give you an old battery sitting on the shelf for long. Verify through date stamp on the cover where all relevant information like date, month, and years are mentioned.

Battery Reserve Capacity Explored

Uncertainties need to be managed by preparation. Check the amount of time battery can last in case the alternator fails. Although it is the alternator in a car that charges battery and power electrical systems when the engine is running, the battery reserve capacity can be a life-saver in case of failure in the function of this part.

Rating to beat Cold

As the car batteries rely on a chemical reaction to work, while the cold weather makes the process slow and stop the reaction that makes battery dead (Live Science)

So, a rating used in the battery industry that helps in identifying the ability to combat cold temperatures and start the engine. It is called Cold Cranking Amps that refers to the amps delivered in 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The reading is for 12-volt battery, while 7.2 volts voltage should be maintained.

Examine the Warranty

Do make sure that the battery you are purchasing is from an authentic company. Different batteries offer a range of warranty, so be clear about it. There is partial reimbursement and free replacement periods offered, so do ask questions before purchasing a car battery.

Car battery life expectancy is between four to six years (MTA Org)

But make sure that you check battery condition every year, as told before that other factors can bring surprising depreciation of battery life. It is a part that helps all the electrical components working, so be vigilant about it. People mostly do not notice the importance of car battery until it causes an issue in driving. Take precautions like turning off car electronics before you turn off the engine can add life to the battery.

Maintain your car battery, as the engine is the heart of car while the car battery that keeps heart functioning.

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