Malawi Economy Needs Boost

Malawi Economy Needs Boost

Malawi is a landlocked country that was formerly known as Nyasa land. Because of no contact with the sea, that is a great medium for international trade, the economy faces a loss. It has been observed that out of 48 landlocked countries majority of them is undeveloped and Malawi is no exception.

If proper steps would have been taken since its independence from British Empire, things would have been different. There are ways that Malawi could get self-sufficient, top of the factors to boost economy are as follows:

Strong Relation with Neighbors

It is bordered with Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique; hence the trade can happen with support of neighbors. Making bilateral relations with each of the three countries will make the economy boosted. The sharing of expertise will led to synchronized advantage over a period.

Self Accountability

It means that the average resident of Malawi have to stand up and fight against corruption. As the news of President Joyce Banda not taking serious action for violence and corruption came in public. It is not something that exclusive to Malawi, rather a number of developing countries experience this. The authorities being silent on issues that matter is something best reflecting the condition of society. Here it is not the authority that matters; rather it is the silence of masses that reflects.
But the change starts from inside. Before cross questioning authorities, residents should make sure that they are performing their part to perfection. Then only they will have the confidence to make consistent efforts that can make Malawi an improved economy.

Law and Order Control

In order to have prosperity, the country should have stable law and order situation. It is only possible when the authorities in question play their part and perform their work with honesty and integrity. For that the self accountability plays a vital role. As if the majority is giving their 100%, the chances of those who are not, is reduced.

Even the fear of being exposed enhances, leading to an economic system that is transparent and efficient. If we want Malawi to be in the league of developed countries in the next 50 years, steps should be taken from today.

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