Mozambique- The Hidden Spot for Tourism

Mozambique- The Hidden Spot for Tourism

Mozambique is Vasco de Gama’s Land of The Good People. After years of being the heart throb place for multiple people may that be explorers, tourist, politician or people from other walk of life that have come to this part of the world. The spell binding factors that make the experience for those coming on holidays enchanted are:

Culturally Rich Landscape

There are multiple locations that are naturally beautiful. The combination of hills with highlands and woodlands synchronized together give it a heavenly look. In 2012 natural gas reserves were explored, that is brought in a lot of foreign investment.

Simple People

The people are simple yet culturally rich. In the domain of arts music is considered a tool to express religion and traditions. The instruments used are mostly handmade, and are made from wood and animal skin. The instruments available included the xylophone, marimba and lumpembe. The dances that are traditions of Mozambique are unique and different. The wood-carvings include Makonde, Ujamaa and Shetani that have their own unique positions.

Underwater Life

A large portion of Mozambique has water all around. And it’s not just plain water; rather the diverse color source has multiple types of species inside. The National Geographic currently plan to explore the underwater life and will be discovering a number of large manta rays, bull sharks, whale shark alongside a number of other species. The mangroves swamps, turtle nesting site, sand dune and much more will be shown to the world, telling about the true beauty of Mozambique.

Hence Mozambique is a country ideal for tourism, no matter they want to see the beauty of land, people or water. All is available in the country best telling about the divine intervention in giving true beauty to this unnoticed part of Africa. Expectations are high that tourism will be promoted more in this beauty filled country.

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