Myanmar: NGOs Endanger This Time

Myanmar: NGOs Endanger This Time

Myanmar has been in news a year before, in the same month of March. It was 2013 that riots broke in Central Burma, when a Buddhist movement happened against the influx of Islam in Burma. In response Muslims burned and killed many people, notably the Buddhist monk who was brutally murdered.

This time in March 2014, it’s the call for staff at international NGOs ad United Nations. The Embassy of United State is concerned seriously for the targeting done on homes and offices of the people. Multiple properties have been destroyed, and the security conditions seem out of control.
It is truly believed that now its high time for government bodies to take action against these extremists. Or else this world that is a global home, being the village having people of diverse ethnic background, religion and believes will be affected. It is also a wake up call for United Nations and other peace functioning organizations to play a strong role.

Although the Humanitarians are positive that the situation will be control, but at this moment it does not seems so. Those who are playing a positive role in making people in Myanmar better off, by monetary and non-monetary support have life threat. This will not only stain the image of Myanmar in the eyes of world, but will bring huge damages in long run.

It is high time to make necessary changes, as if proper steps are not taken, the Myanmar will have its co-lateral relations damaged. The result will be haunted; starting from closing of doors to international market. This developing country will have lowest international investment, although currently it is at the position of being the lowest in terms of Human Development Index. Not only this, the internal restlessness will further weaken the economy from inside.

It’s a Do or Die moment, which needs consideration from those who rule the country specially.

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