Namibia Stance on Ukraine

Namibia Stance on Ukraine

Namibia is a country with strong stance on Ukraine. The country geographically stands between Angola and Zambia, near to Botswana and South Africa. It was part of South Africa till 1990, though the smell of independence was experienced after Namibian War of Independence.

United Nation Security Council has fifteen members out of which the permanent five member countries are China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States. The non-permanent members are elected by General Assembly for tenure of two years and compose of 10 elected members.

Namibia was elected as a member in 1999 to 2000 tenure of 2 years. Though the country still has a unique position and stood with 58 other countries as a no participator to voting process on the issue of Ukraine. The minister of foreign affairs, Netumbo Nandi Ndaitwah, was the representative on behalf of Namibia. She said that voting is not the solution; rather a permanent solution should be identified.

She made it clear to United Nations that Namibia believes in democracy and under the value of democracy the forceful change of government is against the constitutional philosophy of the country. Hence things should be streamlined in Ukraine in a law abiding way.

Talking about the global stance on Ukraine, 100 votes were caste in favor of forceful change of government saying that United Nation intervention is necessary to restore peace, while 11 voted against. Russia on the other hand has strong stance on Crimean saying that the new government is illegitimately in power. And what the Pro-Russian forces are doing is fully justified.

The forces have seized government buildings and have complete control on military bases. Something that Namibia has experienced in a different way; makes Namibia feel the pain for Ukrainian people.

The time will tell, that situation will go in which direction, though Namibia has voiced its opinion for good.

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