The Best Car Wax Buying Guide

The Best Car Wax Buying Guide
The best car wax buying guide is the one which is the mixture of benefits of car wax, its types, and the brand preferred by masses. Car wax is not just about giving a mirror-like look to the vehicle, but it can extend the life of your paint job having heads turned for a long time. Over the years I have been involved in car wax buying for clients and myself, so I have a pretty fair idea of this topic.

Benefits Disclosed

Car wax protects against scratches, as the nice coating will guard your car against small debris and dirt. It makes the car easier to wash as regular waxing shield the paint layer. Hence the tree sap, bird feces, and other dirt stick to the wax layer, not the paint. Road debris is a regular problem for many owners of the car. Even contact with small pebble can impact the car paintwork. Wax can help in protection in this case too. The other advantage of car wax is that it helps restore the new car shine that has gotten lost due to lack of protective clear coat layer. Regular waxing does not fix the scratches on the paintwork already present, but it can make it dim and less obvious. All this contributes to the increased resale value of the car.

Types of Car Wax

There are four types of car wax named as a natural wax, synthetic wax, paste wax or liquid wax and specialty wax. The natural wax is prepared from a carnauba palm tree and combines substances like beeswax and turpentine. It brings warm, deep, and stunning shine and works wonder on dark color cars. As it is pure, so it can easily warm-off, having a pretty limited life. The synthetic wax also called paint sealant is made of polymer bonded with paint and provides 12 months guaranteed protection. It does not have a similar level of shine as compare to natural wax but its durability is what makes it sell high. The paste wax and liquid wax are considered similar, but they have several differences. The paste wax is a traditional one with hard texture, so working on the paint job is a challenge. It is a better option to paint it on a warm surface by running the engine to sheet the metal a bit. The liquid wax is smoother in texture and can easily be applied. Hence the waxing process is quick and generates better results. The specialty waxes are spray and color wax types of options available in the market. Spray wax is much quicker in detailing than the other two. Therefore it works best for a touch-up of the wax coat. The color wax has pigments to match a variety of paint colors. In modern cars, there is a clear coat layer over the color layer, so these products are marketed to highlight that.

Meguiar Liquid Wax

Meguiar’s G18216 is a liquid wax that has premium carnauba wax and protective polymer. This shows that they have taken the best out of different types and merged it. It glides easily and is safe for clear coats and glossy paint. It comes with a soft foam applicator pad and comes in a bottle weight of 12.3 oz. You can buy it from Amazon from the a following link

Here we have dissected the topic of best car wax buying guide for you.

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