The Nissan Pulsar Arrives In Dealerships From 13,900 Euros

The Nissan Pulsar Arrives In Dealerships From 13,900 Euros

From today Nissan dealers have a new model to be chosen by buyers who come to them. This is the Nissan Pulsar , the new compact five-door Japanese brand that has been designed in Europe and manufactured in our country.

With this model Nissan returns to the C segment , a range in which you are comfortable and that Spain is the most important thing you can find at dealerships. The Press is located at a level below the Qashqai and allow access to the brand to customers looking for a more traditional than this and cheaper model.

The Nissan Pulsar is offered in ten versions , arising from the combination with two engines with the usual four finishes in brand models. The first engine is a DIG-T 1.2-liter direct-injection turbocharged petrol and capable of delivering 115 hp . The second is a diesel engine 1.5 dCi 110 hp .

Vehicles with petrol engine with automatic transmission will have the top two versions, the range N-Tec and Tekna . In a few months will be included in a third range turboprop gasoline engine 1.6 liters and will offer 190 hp power, so the car engine is shut down.

Aesthetically recalls the design language of the Qashqai and X-Trail with the V-shaped grille and shares many elements with these models. It measures 4.38 meters in length, but allow internal measures quite comfortably, especially for passengers in the rear seats.

The equipment of the car features the Smart Protection Shield Nissan and NissanConnect infotainment system, which includes a connection to smartphones and use of a number of applications to improve driving.

The price of the most basic version of the Nissan Pulsar , engine 1.2 Turbo 115 hp petrol finished Visia is 13,900 euros , while the entry-level version with diesel 1.5dCi 110HP Turbo diesel Visia finish has a price price of 15,450 euros .

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