Toyota Will Invest 800 Million US $ To Produce The New Hilux

Toyota Will Invest 800 Million US $ To Produce The New Hilux

The Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi, today received the Toyota automotive executives and major Argentine autoparts equipping the terminal, who informed the progress in the process of import substitution.

The automobile, of Japanese origin, the country develops an investment plan of $ s 800 million for production of the new model of its pick up, which will be exported to the region, the ministry said through a press release .

Along with this general process, the company develops local suppliers that provide plastic and injected, air conditioning, and veneers.

In this context, Giorgi, received the General Manager of Corporate Affairs for Toyota, Daniel Afione, who discussed the progress of the development program of domestic suppliers for the new model pick up Hilux, the terminal of Japanese origin begin to produce in Argentina for the entire region.

The minister explained that it is “a project for Toyota globally, which requires a total investment by the end of the order of u $ s 800 million and expand its production capacity in the country to 140,000 units per year” .

At the meeting, held in the office of Giorgi, were representatives of the auto parts Cozzuol Albano, Denso, Metalsa Industries Guidi, Testori and Master Trim, who detailed the investments and new jobs generated from the new project of Toyota.

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