White Cars Are Preferred In The Spot Market

White Cars Are Preferred In The Spot Market

However, this consultant said that his recovery “should not be attributed to many drivers with white carsless budget than before, have been encouraged by the white being a cheaper paint.”

On the contrary, says that white is a color that has become fashionable in both sports cars (such as the Audi A3, Seat Leon, Ibiza, Renault Megane and Volkswagen Golf) and more modest vehicles (Opel Corsa, Renault Clio) and commercial (Renault Kangoo and Ford Transit).

In addition, he argues that the demand exceeds the supply slightly, as the 19% of vehicles to be offered for sale has a white body, three points less than the demand, “which implies an upward price not reach all the buyers “, so again discarded economic criteria when choosing this color.

Meanwhile, the survey of TÜV Süd Iberia, collected by AutoScout24, states that “to differentiate from simpler tone that abounds in service vehicles such as vans and taxis”, has spread the phenomenon of metallic white , “which has become a sensation among drivers, especially among the ‘early adopters’, who also opt for more sporty designs. ”

In projecting the short and medium term, says dealers Autoscout24 consider white, along with black, continue to have a leading position in the spot market, but said they could have a growing role other colors “that arouse passions and in the clothing stores and even new mobile phones: blue and red. ”

The CEO of AutoScout24, Gerardo Cabañas, explained that ” manufacturers foresee in advance the colors that will be fashionable , but demand will also give them the keys to adapt to future buyers. ”

However, Camping has emphasized that “there are two very clear on today’s high: the classic colors always come back and demand will no longer be associated anymore with geographic areas due to the global projecting Internet in the process of buying a car either new or used. “

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