Get a Better Deal on Online Auto Insurance

Get a Better Deal on Online Auto Insurance

Did you know that it’s smart to request an Ohio auto insurance price quote every six months to be sure you’re receiving the highest quality coverage at the best price?

It’s true.

Requesting an auto insurance price quote is one of the smartest things you can do to save money on insuring your car. It’s possible to save hundreds of dollars for the same level of coverage by allowing insurers to openly compete with each other for your business.

The Internet changed everything – including the insurance business. This isn’t like your dad’s insurance broker – it’s better.

Traditionally, auto insurance was handled by an insurance broker who suggested an insurance company, and showed the customer a price for a year of coverage. Next, the customer signed on the dotted line and wrote a check for the premium. It was taken on faith that the premium was the very best deal the broker could find, and the premium was not subject to negotiation.

Insurance brokers also had a vested interest in selling expensive policies, as he received a cut of the premiums customers paid.

Requesting an Ohio auto insurance quote forces insurers to openly compete with each other for your business by giving you their very best price, making secretive pricing systems a thing of the past.

It’s perfectly okay if you want to buy insurance the old fashioned way, and lots of people still do. People who won’t take a few minutes of their day to request a quote still pay top dollar to cover their cars.

Do you want to pay through the nose, or would you rather save some money?

If you choose to be smart, getting an online insurance quote is so easy. Just fill in your basic information and the level of coverage desired. The auto insurers will be alert on your quote request. You will receive several follow up emails with price quotes, snail mail quotes and you may receive a phone call or two with brokers telling you the price. Choosing an insurer is strictly optional; you can pick and choose the company you like best. If a quote interests you, all you would have to do is follow up with the company you select.

It doesn’t matter at all what kind of driving record you have. It’s easy and convenient for all licensed Ohio drivers to get a better deal on their auto insurance by making a request now.

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