Nuts and Bolts for Dealing & Selling Used cars from Japan

Nuts and Bolts for Dealing & Selling Used cars from Japan

Japanese used Cars Exporter

Japanese used cars exporter are the major players of International trade. In Japan used cars dealer entails export of used cars from Japan local market to many other parts of world. Despite of high transport charges, Japanese used car sale is highly profitable and the reason behind is the relatively low cost and good condition. Strict Motor-Vehicle Inspections and high depreciation makes these cars worth very little after the six months. Additionally, the strict environmental laws, makes it very expensive to dispose and junk these cars.

As a result, Japanese used cars exporter has increase to over 1,13,6000 units in year 2006. Russia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Pakistan, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Kenya, and the Philippines are the most lucrative destination for Japanese used cars dealers. Along with this, Chile, Singapore, South Africa and UAE are the most popular transportation hubs for Japanese used cars exporter.

Supply Of Japanese Used Cars For Exporters and Dealers

Used car Exporters, at times referred to as export agents or dealers for used cars, have different sources to buy used cars. Japanese used car sale in auctions is the most frequent way to obtain. The auctioneers facilitate buyers and sellers of Japanese used cars a platform to meet along with independent car inspections called inspection sheet. There are 200 auto auction groups throughout the Japan including TAA, JU Group, JAA, USS and ZIP are some popular auctioneers to name.

Besides this, Japanese used car exporters have 2 other options. First is Japanese used cars exporter which is relatively expensive, and the other being private Japanese used cars seller which can prove complicated to use.

Methods used for Japanese Used car Export

Before Japanese used cars are exported they must be prepared for shipping. De-registering, export certificate, cleaning from bio-security risks are the main arrangement a Japanese used cars exporter is responsible for.

In Japan used cars dealers can only ship a car that is ready by Ro/Ro or Container. All this is largely dependent on certain issues like customer request, ship schedules, and capabilities of Destination port which is the final point of arrival of the shipment.

Japanese Use Car Sale and Market Difference

Tough emission requirements, Japanese used car resale in local market is highly unfeasible, however these cars might still meet the emission requirements of other countries.

Because of right hand driven factor, the viability of domestic Japanese used car sale for exporters is complex. So the America and Europe is still a limited market for Japanese used cars exporter and dealers. However the countries where the labor is cheap, the conversion of right hand to left hand drive is done by local importers. The Philippines is the best example where the conversion is not a problem and Japanese used cars exporter prefer such countries.

Responsibilities on Japanese used Cars exporter, dealers and Importers

  • Organization and completion of the vehicle’s transportation till it arrives the Port Of Destination of the importer is the main responsibility of the Japanese used cars exporter.
  • Responsibility of possession at Point of destination is laid on the importer or the local Japanese used cars exporter.
  • As ownership of car is transferred at the time of Japanese used car sale and before it is being exported. Therefore all the losses due to shipping the buyer is the one who bear all the financial loss.

Japanese Used Car Sale Industry Overview

According to, the shrinking demand for new automobiles worldwide the overseas production for Japanese cars seemed to be down as compared to is totaled 2,530,593 units in year 2008. The difference was 18.6% and the industry was forecast to be recovered from its loss in year 2010 with the betterment of the economy. But the situation remains unsolved and consequently the downward slump caused the great rise in the demand of Japanese used cars sale, enticing any of the Japanese used cars exporter and dealer to invest and harvest more in the year 2010.

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