Malawi- The Ways to Prevent Child Marriages

Malawi- The Ways to Prevent Child Marriages

Different countries have different policies for marriages. The global analysis shows that most of the countries do not facilitate before 18 years marriages. Malawi is a country where child marriages are discouraged by law. But when it comes to implementation multiple parts of the country has deficit in this regard.

The ways through which this issue can better be addressed is as follows:


For better awareness about the hazards of health an average child face, can be a de-motivating factor for the parents on this aspect. The basic reason behind such marriages in Malawi is the guardian involvement and interest in such happening. If steps are taken on town level to make sure that the hazard it brings is told, things could be streamlines. As compare to a boy, the girl face enhanced threat of life because of the child bearing process. And the bad news is that the observation and survey on grass root level shows that girls have a high ratio of being a victim to such happening.


The level of illiteracy is also another reason of social illness, including child marriages. The vicious circle begins when an illiterate boy and girl get married. They do not have exposure to their own basic health leading to greater complications in starting a family. That is the reason mortality rate is high in developing countries like Malawi, where the child and mother suffer a life threat throughout their life span. A large number of mothers/ children die during birth process, and even after birth complications occur at enhanced rate. It includes abnormality in child physically and mentally that lead to a weak sick society.

Law Enforcement
It should be made a must, to implement the laws on child marriage. To make it fully functional, a special team should be assigned the responsibility to ensure that the incidents are reported. Hence in case of any occurring of child marriages, the team should make sure that the sinners are punished.
The team can work alongside of police for smooth flow of operations, taking steps towards a psychologically and physically healthy society.

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